Dozens of Militants Detained in Belarus Who Were Preparing a “Potato Revolution”

Translated by Ollie Richardson


Militants preparing provocations with weapons were detained in Belarus. The President of the Republic Aleksandr Lukashenko reported the time of a meeting in Mogilev with labor staff of the enterprises of the company Kronospan concerning this, reports BELTA.

Lukashenko described about how law enforcement authorities managed to learn about the existence of similar plans. According to him, patriots of the country who are abroad warned the authorities about these events. “A woman came to embassy and warned, she officially wrote a letter: provocations are being prepared. And we started understanding. And it really came to some very interesting things,” said Lukashenko.

Now, according to him, it is necessary to understand in detail from where the money came from of those who are engaged in the preparation, and from what countries the corresponding people arrived from. Lukashenko noted that the militants “didn’t rest”, and slowly prepared, choosing a moment. “We have already detained dozens who trained in camps with weapons”.

Lukashenko also named the locations of these camps. In Belarus it is the districts of Bobruisk and Osipovichey. The others camps are located in Ukraine. “In my opinion, in Lithuania or in Poland, I won’t affirm, but somewhere there,” said Lukashenko.

According to him, money went through Poland and Lithuania to Belarus. “We literally over the past few hours detained dozens of militants who prepared provocation with the weapon,” Lukashenko repeated. He noted that subsequently about this fact the public will be given broader information.

The President emphasized that Belarus is always ready to stop any illegal activity and gangsterism. “We will surrender the country to nobody,” said the Belarusian leader.

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