DPR Authorities Have Found a Use for Abandoned Businesses

Translated by Ollie Richardson



Since the beginning of hostilities in Donbass, many private owners have left their homes and moved to Ukraine, Russia, or far abroad. A number of enterprises have suspended their activities, which has become a noticeable problem for the young Republics.

“Today, 18,000 premises are simply abandoned by their owners,” said the Vice-Prime Minster of the DPR government, the Minister for income and taxes Aleksandr Timofeev (call sign – Tashkent). “The former owners have fled. Now we won’t consider why this happened. We will simply accept it as a fact. For the economy of the DPR it is absolutely necessary that these companies were created.”

At the moment in Donetsk the mechanism of entering into economic circulation the private property, abandoned by the owners, is being developed. Of course, this issue is extremely delicate. In the DPR it was decided to approach it after exceptionally scrupulously weighing all the risks and possible consequences. For this purpose, a special expert community consisting of Deputies of the DPR people’s council, representatives of relevant ministries, and economists. Only after scrupulous and thorough study of the situation will drafts of legislative acts on the regulation of process of entry of private enterprises into the economic sphere of the Republic be created.

During the ensuing large-scale public discussions in the DPR on the designated topic, the need to strike a balance between the interests of owners and the state was emphasised. The inviolability of private property is guaranteed by the Constitution of the DPR. Therefore, a universal solution must be found that meets the objectives of the emergency historical moment, in other words, the period of the war, but leaves the owners wide opportunities to realize their legitimate rights.

“If we make an error and hurt the owners, it would be a disaster. In this case, I would examine all the legislation being prepared literally under the microscope,” declared Aleksandr Timofeev.

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