In the DPR on Day of the Medical Worker the UAF Shelled a Boarding School for Sick Children

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The Ukrainian Armed Forces once again shelled the city of Yasinovataya in the DPR, as a result of which the building of a boarding school was damaged. At the time of the attack (on Saturday evening) there were no children in the educational institution.

“I am puzzled why something [a shell – ed] can arrive here. There are no military personnel here at all. Judging by the crater, it was a 82mm shell. The locals say there were two bangs. I have no words to explain why, here there are children, nobody else. The front line is four kilometers from here,” explained the representative of the Ministry of Defence of the DPR Eduard Basurin.

The administration of Yasinovataya added that all children at the time of shelling were at Lenin Square, where there was a celebration. When the shells landed, people ran away, fortunately nobody was hurt.

“It is an orthopedic school, a working boarding school. During study time there are 88 children here, 50 children are at the camp currently. Yesterday they had a celebration in honor of Day of the medical worker at Lenin Square, UAVs flew, then there was an arrival [of a shell – ed] on the school’s territory,” added the deputy head of the administration of Yasinovataya Tatyana Valerevna.

According to the former teacher of the boarding school, and nowadays a pensioner, Nelli Nedryanko, the UAF shell Yasinovataya every day for several hours. Shells fly to residential areas. She has worked in educational institutions from 1963 to 2011, and said that she knows “every corner” of the schools.

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“Yesterday they flew strongly by our house, I thought, some new gun. I live in the teacher’s home near the boarding school, my balcony is destroyed. We thought that a shell flew, the banging was strong. We are all already nervous, we shiver and hide in toilets and sheds. For three-four hours, and they shoot, and it continues every day until 12 at night. We sit, we don’t lay down, with emergency bags in the hallway. I have a husband with gangrene on crutches, he is left to the mercy of fate,” said Nelli Nedryanko.

In addition, on June 17th, during UAF shelling the settlement of Donetsk-Severny was de-energized. Earlier it was reported that the Ukrainian Armed Forces pulled together to the line of demarcation near Donetsk and Yasinovataya serious artillery and mortars.

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