DPR: Europe Risks Contracting a Dangerous Intestinal Disease From Ukrainian Soldiers

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard




In the ranks of Ukrainian military personnel the number of patients with an incurable intestinal infection resulting in a fatal outcome grows.

Such information was read out by the official representative of the operative command of the DPR Daniil Bezsonov during a briefing.

In particular, he reported that according to the information available to the DPR, the main military-medical department of the UAF informed commanders of types of military forces and services that in the zone of carrying out the Operation of United Forces” (OUF) in Donbass there is a growth in the number of cases of Yersiniosis – a sharp intestinal infection – among Ukrainian military personnel.

“In 2018 78 such cases have already been recorded. The new form of Yersiniosis discovered among the military personnel of the UAF is incurable and often leads to a fatal outcome. The delivery to the OUF zone of genetically-modified products (vegetables and flour) that are grown (produced) in the southern regions of Ukraine is the cause of the illness among personnel,” he reported.

The command of the OUF quickly takes measures to decrease the growth rate of the disease, but it hasn’t yet been possible to stop the spread of the sharp intestinal infection among the military personnel.

“The Ukrainian leaders hide from the world community information about a surge of Yersiniosis on the territory of Donbass under Kiev’s control and it spreading across the territory of the country. In addition, there is the threat of a Yersiniosis epidemic spreading to the territory of Europe, first of all to countries neighboring Ukraine, in connection with the uncontrolled movement of Ukrainians due to the visa-free regime,” said the representative of the operative command.


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