DPR: Female Inhabitant of Sakhanka was killed by an Islamist Sniper

Translated by Ollie Richardson



The Ukrainian military authorities continue to implement the plans for the extermination of civilians of Donbass in the uncontrolled-by-Kiev territories. For carrying out the task the UAF command uses nationalist units and mercenaries from foreign states. This was reported by the Deputy Commander of the Operative Command of the DPR Eduard Basurin.

“As a result of the attack on Sakhanka, Prigoda Vera Alekseevna – born in 1939, who was in her garden kitchen at this time, was shot in the head by a sniper bullet. According to our intelligence, the deadly shot was fired by a sniper from the structure of the Islamist battalion, which is in the zone of responsibility of the 36th Separate Mechanized Marine Brigade. Most likely, a female snipers who, as we know, differ in their cruelty and unscrupulousness, is involved in the execution of civilians,” he said.

In addition, Basurin added that the investigation of the DPR recorded the factual use by the Ukrainian side of forbidden by the Minsk Agreements from residential areas of settlements, from the territory of schools, kindergartens, industrial enterprises, posing a threat to the lives of ordinary civilians.

As a reminder, yesterday it was reported that a peaceful female resident from the village of Sakhanka in the south of the Donetsk People’s Republic was killed by a sniper’s bullet.

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