DPR Fighter Returned From Ukrainian Captivity: I Was Tortured by Mosiychuk Personally

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The fighter of the DPR named Kirill arrived to Donbass from the territory of Ukraine within the framework of the exchange of prisoners not alone, but with the cat Manya. In comment to Federal News agency he shortly described his hard destiny and that of his pet.

According to Kirill, he had to crossed paths with such odious persons as the deputy from the Radical Party of Ukraine Igor Mosiychuk. The latter is known for his ultra-nationalist views.

“This is the cat of the Russian fighter, but today he wasn’t transferred, he was left in the Kharkov pre-trial detention center … He wasn’t brought for an exchange. This cat is from Dnepropetrovsk. She was supposed to go with the fighter … But he wasn’t given to us [for an exchange – ed],” he said.

Kirill was able to speak about himself only shortly. As isn’t difficult to guess, the man is happy after months of captivity to again be free.

“I am from Mariupol, I was sentenced to 12 years. Mosiychuk tortured [me] personally,” said Kirill.

On December 27th, the most large-scale exchange of prisoners between Kiev and the republics of Donbass took place. It was initially supposed that it will take place according to the formula “306” for “74”, however at the last minute Kiev for reasons unknown refused to exchange a number of prisoners.

According to the lawyer Valentin Rybin, thus no less than 9 people were affected by this.


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