DPR Fighter About the Situation in Dokuchaevsk: “Azov” And “Right Sector” Come Here, Like on Safari

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The fighter of the DPR army with the call sign “Kipish” spoke to the correspondent of the Federal News Agency about the situation on the frontline near Dokuchaevsk, the school truce for children, and recruitment by the SBU.

According to the serviceman, the DPR army near Dokuchaevsk is now fighting against the soldiers of the 28th and 92nd brigades of the UAF, and also about 200 volunteers from the battalions “Azov” and “Right Sector”. The latter, besides large-caliber arms, actively use foreign-made sniper rifles.

“They generally throw a canopy of large-caliber weapons on the population, they don’t attack our positions. Sometimes the occasional LMG burst. When there was the grain truce, they torched the fields here using anti-tank guided missiles. Not far from here a woman was wounded from shrapnel. From radio interceptions we heard about their attitude towards this war — they come here like they are on safari,” explains “Kipish”.

The fighter of the DPR also emphasized that mercenaries, who Kiev especially delivers for training in shooting, operate on the demarcation line. Generally they are snipers “wandering” along all the frontline: judging by their manner of firing, they are the same fighters who were trained to shoot near the Avdeevka Industrial zone.


“They use us for learning, sadly,” said the serviceman of the DPR Armed Forces while laughing.

Only such learning is too expensive, the lives of others are given to pay for this.

“This is a war of oligarchs: ‘Azov’, ‘Right Sector’ battalions are here … UAF troops, for example, don’t generally shell — they observe the regime of silence, and we don’t respond to provocations. However, fighters from these battalions shoot. Two weeks ago they underwent some verification, and they fervently fired ammo [to prove that they were working hard – ed]. There were shots fired from a tank, while there is a ceasefire; 120mm mortars were used” remembers “Kipish”.

At the initial stage of the school ceasefire, besides the traditional bell-ringing in educational institutions, children also listened to other, no less habitual sounds — the enemy opened fire from NSV machine guns on the inhabited area. The school is near the contact line — that’s why it was often struck.

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People who are tired of the war – lasting already for the third year – all the time ask the guys on the frontline when they will go on an offensive so that the enemy feels for itself what it’s like to endure all of this and to observe two-three UAVs in the sky at night. But the Minsk format forbids such a succession of events.

“When the OSCE comes to them, they don’t even leave their positions. Here we learnt from radio interception that recently journalists came to them — now it is clear why at that moment they so stubbornly tried to provoke us. But we didn’t succumb to provocations — all staff is instructed about strict observance of the regime of silence,” said the militaryman.

Nevertheless, weapons and shelling aren’t everything that the enemy uses to annoy. Recently also recruitment by the SBU started to actively work— local residents more and more often complain about them.

“Some of our inhabitants go to receive a pension in Ukraine. And many people complain that they are held at the checkpoint for four-seven hours, being forced to report how many of us [military – ed] are here, where we stand, where we move to, and so on. Mostly the SBU tries to work with youth and the elderly — they offer money for work,” describes Kipish.

But nevertheless, people love their native land too much to aim weapons at it because of their careless phrases. Sometimes inhabitants of the Republic are obliged to stand for several hours at Ukrainian checkpoints in order to be able to come back home. Love for the Motherland is stronger than any proposed money.

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