DPR Helped Ukrainian Volunteers Evacuate Body of Young Girl

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard




The command of the DPR ensured the safety of Ukrainian volunteers during the evacuation of a girl’s body, who died dead close to the positions of the UAF on 5th January.

Donetsk militiamen guaranteed the safety of the Ukrainian volunteer organization “Evacuation200” in the captured-by-UAF area of Krasnogorovka in a westerly direction from Donetsk. The girl of about 14 years of age was earlier found by locals, however the Ukrainian Armed Forces refused to evacuate the body. According to preliminary data, the girl died from large blood loss as a result of her injuries. The DPR militia were forced to appeal to the Ukrainian volunteers and to provide them all with safety guarantees for the evacuation. Also, the command of the militia reported massive shelling on the 5th January from UAF positions in the region of Krasnogorovka, DPR units did not open fire.

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