DPR Lawyer: The Military, Politicians Will Put a Stop to the Shelling of Donbass, Lawyers Will Collect Reliable Evidence of Ukraine’s Crimes

NEW – June 18, 2022

As of recently, Ukraine has been conducting unprecedented shelling of Donetsk.

The military and politicians will stop the shelling of Donbass, and lawyers will collect reliable evidence of the crimes of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. 

It depends on the qualified work of lawyers what kind of punishment the Ukrainian nazis will do penance.

This opinion was expressed by a lawyer from the DPR Yaroslav Yushchenko:

Video courtesy of the “Donbass Decides” channel

“There are three opinions. The first one: Kiev completes military tasks. For example, to incite us to withdraw some troops from the Slavyansk direction and deploy them in Donetsk to protect the city, thereby disrupting our offensive actions and preventing the encirclement of the Ukrainian grouping. Perhaps this is a provocation for us to strike back at the decision-making centre in Kiev, and, as a result, for Ukraine to receive additional supplies of weapons from the West. In the actions of the armed formations of Ukraine, for such purposes the use of means and methods prohibited by international treaties in an armed conflict can be observed. Since, in violation of the norms of international humanitarian law, Ukraine is firing at civilians and civilian objects using weapons of indiscriminate action: cluster munitions and MLRS.

Second opinion. The shelling is genocide as part of a strategy to make the territory of Donbass uninhabitable, including forcing local residents to leave these lands. The designated crimes are punishable up to life imprisonment and the death penalty.

And finally, the third legal position. Shelling is terrorist acts, i.e. crimes against public safety.”

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