DPR Militia in Kominternovo: All Our Guys on the Frontline Support Vladimir Putin

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard




The Ukrainian military opens fire nearly every day at the settlements that are in the south of the DPR. Because of the incessant shelling, people can’t live normally, their houses are destroyed every day by the Ukrainian army. This was described by journalists of the DPR Armed Forces.

“We just arrived to Kominternovo and as you can see, a Ukrainian shell landed in the yard of a house and didn’t explode,” said the war correspondent Mikhail Andronik.


He communicated with fighters on the frontline.

“The problem is that the UAF likes to shell around the village, all summer they shot at the roofs of houses using a BMP, they caused the grass to catch fire. With the ceasefire it became a little quieter, but there isn’t a complete ceasefire – only when OSCE employees come do they completely stop the shelling. Also, the Ukrainian side constantly provokes us into returning fire, but we try not to answer them and we observe the ceasefire. Very often snipers come to UAF positions via busses and try to entice us out of our trenches so that we shoot a sniper. The Ukrainians have American scopes on their rifles, and through them our positions are very visible. In our free time we strengthen our positions, we clean the trenches and weapons, and, of course, we discuss the latest news in the world. We discuss in particular the upcoming elections in Russia, all our guys that are on the front line support Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin,” said a soldier of the DPR Armed Forces with the call sign “Ded”.

The war correspondent of the DPR Armed Forces communicated with the assistant of a local shop. According to her, every day the UAF shells the settlement Kominternovo, in which more than 150 people still live, and together with surrounding settlements – more than 1000.

“People can’t cope with the stress and die of a heart attack, different diseases develop due to stress. I already became a hysteric woman due to this civil war, no medicine helps. I have lived in Kominternovo for 38 years, and I am not going to leave anywhere, I will wait for when the ceasefire comes and I will restore my house, of course, I can’t bring my child back, but God exists, and every swine will be made responsible for their crimes. People hope that soon all of this will boomerang back at them,” said the seller of the shop.

Mikhail Andronik said that calm is observed across the entire frontline, except the South of the DPR. There are fresh craters across the whole of Kominternovo, there is shelling every day, the local population is tired of war, the UAF doesn’t observe the ceasefire signed at Minsk. War correspondents of the DPR also visited the settlement of Sakhanka, which is near Kominternovo and is also subjected to daily Ukrainian shelling.

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