DPR Militiaman: Ukraine’s Biggest Mistake Here Was Using Weapons Against Civilians

Well-known Canadian journalist Eva Bartlett, as a part of her visit to the frontline DPR settlement of Zaitsevo, interviewed a DPR militiaman who goes by the callsign “Gyurza”. He describes how Ukraine bombarded the settlement in 2014, and how Kiev still carries out provocative attacks despite the Minsk Agreements still being in effect.

“Recently, I visited Zaitsevo, a village in the north of the Donetsk People’s Republic. It has been relentlessly shelled by Ukrainian forces/paramilitaries since 2014, and continues to be bombed nearly every day and night.

The population has dropped from 3,500 to 1,600, including 200 children.

With me was Dmitry Astrakhan, press officer of the DPR People’s Militia, and a People’s Militia officer going by the nickname ‘Gyurza’.

In this clip, Gyurza relates how events unfolded in Zaitsevo, how the local defenders have maintained their defensive position, and some of the violations committed by Ukrainian forces.”

Eva Bartlett

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