DPR Ministry of State Security Stops Smuggling Of Jewellery and Antiques

Translated by Nikita Che



The DPR Ministry of State Security has blocked a route of jewellery and antique smuggling, which has been looting in the Republic since 2014 and sending the goods to Ukraine, the Ministry’s press service reported on December 14th.

“Ministry of State Security Officers has stopped the activity of a criminal group who were assisting looters from Ukrainian nationalists battalions, sending across the contact line antiques, icons, jewellery and other valuables, having been looting in the DPR since 2014,” quotes DAN.

It was discovered that the looting was committed by fighters of Ukrainian nationalists battalions during temporary occupation of the DPR-held areas. They robbed homes of locals, hiding their plunder in caches sometimes.

The looters were not able to bring all their plunder to base in 2014 and attempted to do it now.

One of the discovered plunder caches is shown in the video below.

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