DPR: Residents of Grey Zone Villages Occupied by Kiev Draw Symbols on Gates to Warn the UAF Against Touching Their Homes

Translated by Ollie Richardson



The OSCE recorded the facts of capture by the Ukrainian military of civilian homes in Donbass. This was reported by the Ministry of Defence of the DPR with reference to the deputy commander Eduard Basurin.

“Representatives of the OSCE SMM finally visited Gladosovo and Metalist (Travnevoye) occupied by the UAF. They confirmed the humanitarian disaster in the settlements caused by the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ violent occupation, as well as facts of the restriction of the locals’ rights and freedoms. International observers confirmed that the blockaded inhabitants can receive food, medical preparations, and means of prime necessity only in the nearest settlement – Golmovsky, but not as a result of the UAF’s streams of fake humanitarian aid.

Observers also documented the facts of the houses of locals being seized by the Ukrainian punishers. Also, representatives of the Mission recorded the facts of damage to housing constructions as a result of UAF shelling from positions in the occupied area of Zaitsevo and between the occupied settlements of Gladosovo and Metalist. These are the facts that were documented by us during skirmishes between the Ukrainian units. The report of the Mission is only a small part of the truth about the criminal acts of the Ukrainian punishers in the violently seized settlements,” he stated.

Basurin gave an excerpt from the OSCE SMM report:

The SMM reached Travnevoye (51km north-east of Donetsk) and followed up on the situation of civilians living there. (See SMM Daily Report 14 December 2017.) On 15 December, the SMM entered Travnevoye, accompanied by Ukrainian Armed Forces officers of the Joint Centre for Control and Co-ordination (JCCC) and representatives of the military-civil administration and State Emergency Services. In the village, the SMM observed that some houses had marks on their entrance gates: according to local residents, red circles indicated the houses were inhabited while black crosses meant they were uninhabited. The SMM noted that members of the Ukrainian Armed Forces had occupied some of the latter houses. The SMM also saw at least two soldiers with black Aidar battalion patches on their uniforms in the town. At the western end of Haidara Street, the SMM observed an armed man near a recently dug trench. At the eastern end of the street, the SMM saw a soldier of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and a south-pointing heavy machine-gun at a position about 100m from the nearest houses.

At 12 Haidara Street in Travnevoye, the SMM observed a house with a damaged roof that was being repaired by members of a fire brigade and State Emergency Services. The house’s 75‑year-old resident told the SMM that a shell had struck her home’s roof on the night of 3 December. Six of the village’s residents told the SMM that electricity supplied to the village was insufficient, and that local wells provided only non-potable water. Residents told the SMM they had to travel on foot or by bicycle 2.5km to ‘DPR’-controlled Golmovsky (49km north-east of Donetsk) to buy food and medicine,” said the MoD of the DPR.

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