DPR: Ukrainian Army Fired Grad at the Settlement Staraya Laspa

Translated by Ollie Richardson



A woman living in the frontline settlement Staraya Laspa described how the family endured UAF Grad shelling on the night of June 17th.


“Everything flew around. We woken up from the fact that near the house a shell landed. We are strewed with all the glass, the door was punched out. In the house everything is in dust. We quickly begun to hide the children in the bedroom. It was very terrible,” said the woman.

“We already got used to shelling. But it is the first time that it was so close,” she added.

“For UAF rotation, the 28th separate mechanized brigade arrived at positions near Volnovakha, probably to the corresponding unit number (military unit A0666), and they iron already for two days the settlement Staraya Laspa, where there are no military personnel and it is located six kilometers from the contact line. Yesterday they shelled with barreled artillery, today they used Grad. A half-package of Grad fell down on the settlement.

People live in the settlement, many houses that were abandoned after the beginning of the war were occupied by IDPs from Novo Laspa, which was completely destroyed by UAF artillery in 2015,” reported the war correspondent of the DPR Press Service Mikhail Andronik.

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