DPR: Ukrainian Militants Killed a Five-Year-Old Child in Makeevka

NEW – May 31, 2022

Today, the UAF militants opened fire from a BM-21 “Grad” MLRS system on the Krasnogvardeysky district of the city of Makeevka. A child born in 2017 died from a direct hit on a residential building at the address 39 Beregovaya.

Two more people died in Makeevka: Mira, aged five, and Olga, aged 46. The little girl was watching TV when a Ukrainian “Grad” hit her house. Mom, Dad and Grandma can’t find a place for themselves from grief.

Literally 100 meters from their house, another tragedy occurred. Olga was sleeping after a night shift when her house was hit by an artillery strike. She didn’t die immediately and was still breathing when her sister ran into the house. Unfortunately, the injury was fatal — she died when the ambulance arrived.

“No one will return her to us. We would rather live in a tent, but with a child.”

Lyubov Mikhailovna, the grandmother of 5-year-old Mira Rodionova, who died today from a Ukrainian shell, decides to tell the correspondent of “Donbass Decides”.

“A shell flew into the kitchen,” says the mother of the girl killed by Ukrainian gunners, barely alive from grief, “over there, look.”

According to the grandmother, her granddaughter was sitting near the kitchen when everything happened.

▪ Olga Vladislavovna (in a red dress – ed.) is the mother of the deceased girl, in a state of shock and can hardly speak.

“I hate the Ukrainian murderers of my granddaughter” – the grandmother of the girl who died in Makeevka, Lyubov Mikhailovna, says that if she could, she would have reached Avdeevka herself (from where the UAF shelling was conducted – ed.) and sacrificed herself, if only her granddaughter was alive.

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“Our grief cannot be conveyed now. An innocent child of five years has died! Let us be left without everything, but only so that everyone is alive and together,” she laments.

The mother of the girl who died today in Makeevka, works as a doctor. Residents of the village of the Shcheglovskaya-Glubokaya mine Yura and Yuliya told the correspondent of the “Donbass Decides” about this. “The child’s mother works as a therapist in the hospital. She treats people, but her own child died. It’s not fair,” they say.

They spoke about how the tragedy happened. “Great destruction, the child was covered. The walls fell. The ceiling beams fell right on the head, the wall on top, crushed,” they say.

Makeevka is a constant target for the nazis, said local resident Filipp Kuskov.

“Recently they hit the mine with a drone. And today the house was shaking. If we had a gun, I would have them… without hesitation. They should be punished without stop” he said.

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