Dr Komarovsky: Another Letter Into Emptiness About Ukrainian Healthcare

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



One more letter into emptiness… The voice of cries in the desert.

You don’t want at all to stop the process of self-extermination…

Every morning I read the messages from hell.

How in the medical room of 14 sq.m there are 6 children and 6 mothers.

How people dash around in the reception room — they are looking for a doctor in order to help a dying young guy who crashed on a motorcycle.

How they search for an anesthetic — mother is crying, it is intestinal cancer.

Tying a belt to the bed (in order to help someone to sit down after a stroke) costs 100 UAH. This is in a paid medical room, which differs from a free one only in the fact that there are only 4 beds, instead of 10.

“We don’t know if the dog is rabid or not”, but anyway, we have no vaccine. If you will get it — we will give you an injection.

A half of the papers from the laboratory give a reason to doubt the truthfulness of results.

Pharmacology — the kingdom of bullsh*t medicines and counterfeits. The rare adequately working medicines — as a ray of light in a deep well.

You still think that all of these are jokes, intimidations, PR?

I warned you that measles are near and it will come. It came.

I affirm that there is no question — whether diphtheria will come or not. It is only a matter of time. It will come surely, and then you, in black queues for children’s little coffins, perhaps, you will hear, at last, that antidiphtherial serum both was and is absent.

Indeed, you are other-wordly? You think that it won’t affect you?

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Every 3rd of you will die from cancer. And you will shout, begging for anesthetic. Both to whine, and to think — and why was I was silent when it wasn’t painful?!!

You hope to raise a child and to never visit a hospital? It won’t work out like that! And you will be in a ragged medical room, in the company of 5 same-as-you silent/patient/forbearing, hoping that it will not affect you, to see how your child will be injected 4 times per day with drugs, about which everyone around the world already forgot for a long time. And you will buy this medicine also there, in the personal drugstore of the chief physician.

And when your elderly parents will appear before the door to the better world, will you be able to see them off adequately? Without pain, without a wet bedding, without bedsores? Yes, I understand that chances to live up to an old age are little — here it is already difficult to live up to retirement, but if after all it is managed, are there chances of leaving this life without suffering and humiliation?

You amicably spat on yourself. On your children. On your parents.

You are led to a massacre, although no, you are not led — you are already there. With every day you become fewer. The strongest/wise flee. Who ever can’t flee — slithers away. Clever/careful keep aloof and inch backwards towards the exit.

The remaining bandits cry and shove you: if you don’t like how it is — go away from here!

Some people who still twitch prepare bills on the reform of medicine.

I am not a reformer and not the organizer of health care. I don’t claim that these projects are good/bad. I want the State people to consider them and either accept or say: it is not good, it is necessary to reformat it! And immediately engage in reformatting because time passes, and together with passing time the lives of people leave.

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But they in general don’t want to speak about it!!!


They stubbornly invent new and new bans and continue to set the people against each other. They are deeply convinced that especially these bans are urgent, and reforms of health care can wait.

Yes, I dream that there will be quotas for percent of bullsh*t medicine in drugstores, quotas of quantity of intramuscular injections, quotas of concentration of sadists, with a smile on their lips saying: “be patient”. But our specialists regarding quotas don’t even want to speak about it.

They propose to you newer and newer topics for discussion, and you immediately forget about everything, and pick to pieces artists and tax chiefs.

You forget about the most important!!! About children, the elderly, the ill, invalids.

Maidan began with intolerance to violence. It is forbidden to beat people who express their opinion! It is precisely this “forbidden” that brought people to the streets. And now it became possible?

All our healthcare system is violence over human dignity.

If society quietly swallows Deputies ignoring the most burning issue of each family, it means society deserved such Deputies. You deserve! But your children – what are they guilty of? For what sins did they get such parents/voters?

I once again address Deputies: come to your senses, whilst you still can!

Even the most patient patience has a limit. Even the most sophisticated abuse has a limit.

I saw that some political forces didn’t give for consideration of medical reform any voice.

I explain to you and your voters what your mistake is in.

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Bills with which you categorically don’t agree with are introduced. You have another point of view on the reform of health care. You analyze mistakes, you offer alternatives or improvements and only in this way — in public disputes — you give rise to the truth. But not to speak about it at all is political impotence. If you have nothing to say, so what are you doing there, in the Rada?

Release my People!

My people indeed can survive without social networks and without anything else that you still will decide to forbid.

But my people won’t be able to survive without medicine.

One more letter into emptiness… The voice of the cries in the desert.

You don’t want at all to stop the process of self-extermination…

And in this hell the main achievement is considered the right to go to look at how people live in the neighbourhood!

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