Drawings Made by Children from Donbass, South Ossettia, Syria, & Lebanon Were Shown at the Exhibition “Children Painting for Peace” in Ireland

By Sergey Bardashov

Ireland hosted the exhibition “Children painting for peace”, which was held from 4th of October until the 16th of October, and was organised by the official representatives of the exhibition in the cultural and historical center “Mobius” in Ireland, and was supported by the Humanitarian battalion Ireland & UK. Other attendees include: Karen Rudoc – coordinatour of foreign languages in Ireland; Peter McNiff – journalist, writer; Dina Kurbanova; Sergey Menshakov – Historical and cultural center “Mobius”; Sergey Bardashov – Humanitarian battalion Ireland & UK; Sergey Tarutin – journalist. The exhibition was also attended by the Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Ireland Yury Filatov and representatives from the Russian language and cultural center “Matryoshka”.

This time the exhibition was held in the Irish school of “St. Oliver”. We presented the drawings of children from the Lugansk and Donetsk People’s Republics, South Ossetia, Lebanon, and Syria. Children and teachers of the school looked at the exposition with surprise, and could not believe that it was the drawings of the children who saw war and nothing but war.

Approaching the pictures drawn by the children of Donbass, many were taken aback and it was obvious that the pain and grief of the children who painted these pictures could not leave anyone indifferent. Many people asked about the situation in Donbass and expressed words of support to the people of the LPR and the DPR. We believe that with each exhibition we will be able to reach more and more people and explain to them that everyone needs peace. Especially children.

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