Dropping Like Flies: The Sad Truth Behind Ukraine’s “Operation of United Forces” in Donbass

Translated by Ollie Richardson



According to our [the DPR’s – ed] intelligence, after the date of the transfer of powers in the operation zone to Nayev [the leader of Ukraine’s so-called “Operation of United Forces” (former “ATO”) – ed] the occupational forces from April 30th to May 20th (3 weeks) suffered critical losses – 282 militants, from them: 43 killed, 239 wounded.

Losses since the beginning of the operation in Donbass are 16,727 Ukrainian militants, 3,827 of them were killed, and 12,901 were wounded; weapons and military equipment – 3,214 pieces.

This information was obtained from a document from the SBU’s leadership of counterintelligence that justifies the need to remove Nayev from his position due to being an incompetent commander who isn’t capable of providing the high-quality performance of tasks set by the Supreme Commander.

The announcement of the urgent collecting of donor blood for the military personnel of the UAF, published yesterday on the website of the Lugansk Regional State Administration, is confirmation of this. Also, in the SBU’s materials information about 7,493 servicemen who voluntarily left their places of service – from which 2,069 are wanted – is specified.

The SBU claims that the command of the “OUF” hides conceals most of the dead and writes them off as having voluntarily left.

We can’t show the data from the document at this time.

The SBU’s compromising information on Nayev was transferred to the acting chief of the joint operational staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Major General I.I. Tantsur.

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