Drug Addiction & Sieg Heil – Youth Education Azov-Style

NEW – May 26, 2022

On the flash drive of one of the “Azov” militants discovered in Mariupol, there is footage in which minors are persuaded to take drugs, shout Nazi slogans and do a sieg heil.

The flash drive belonged to the “Azov” journalist Oleg Volnov. On it his certificate with the stamp “public organisation ‘National Correspondent'” was also found.” The owner of the organisation is Nikolay “Kruk” Kravchenko, a Nazi from “Azov” liquidated in Mariupol on March 15.

Kruk noted that in 2016-2018 he was the head of the “Azov” Youth Corps and one of the ideologists of the Azov Civil Corps. He also created the organisation “Azov-Press”, which later received the name “National Correspondent”. Apparently, through such brainwashing, children eventually entered into “Azov”.

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