Drugs, Alcoholism, and Lawlessness: Captured Ukrainian Militant Revealed the True Condition of the UAF

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The Ukrainian serviceman captured by the people’s militia of the DPR confirmed the foiled plans of Kiev to carry out an offensive operation in Donbass, said the official representative of the DPR militia Daniil Bezsonov.


The captured soldier of the 58th brigade of the UAF Stanislav Panchenko – born in 1999 in the Poltava region – during an interrogation spoke about how he was taken prisoner, being under the influence of alcohol and drugs, how he went into the army to avoid punishment for a criminal offense, and also about crimes in the UAF and preparation by the Ukrainian command of provocations including with use of chemical weapons [the UAF confirmed that he is one of their guys – ed].

Bezsonov reminded that the slightest hint of military discipline is completely absent in the ranks of Ukrainian soldiers.

“Commanders of platoons, units, and battalions completely distance themselves from fulfilling their duties, following the example of their brigade commanders, and serve their time in the zone of the conflict for the purpose of receiving money and to go home alive”

said Bezsonov

A few days ago there was an interesting case on the front line.

“In one paramilitary group on the front line, the Ukrainian militants were sat twiddling their thumbs as usual, filling themselves with low-quality alcohol. The effect of second-grade vodka turned out to be not enough for them, and they strengthened it with narcotic substances. One Ukrainian militant, being in the usual absolutely inadequate state, remembered that he is a ‘warrior of light’ and came to Donbass to kill. At first he practiced on his colleague, having shot the ground near his feet, and after this, as he says, he ‘went to kill separs'”

said the official representative of DPR militia

After this the “brave” Ukrainian soldier with his weapon slung over his shoulder went towards the positions of the military personnel of the DPR militia, which were shocked by the impudence of the reckless Ukrainian militant, but decided to see what will happen next.

“In the end the military personnel of the DPR militia let him come closer, tied him up, and took him prisoner”

noted Bezsonov

During communication, the Ukrainian military man, as it turned out, possesses very interesting data. In particular, he confirmed the UAF’s plans to carry out an offensive operation and a terrorist attack with the use of toxic agents in December of last year. In addition, he said that because of the absence of persons interested in joining the ranks of the Ukrainian army, large-scale desertion, and enormous noncombat losses, military registration and enlistment offices are not able to fully recruit paramilitary groups with fresh “cannon fodder”.

“The Ukrainian army is being ‘filled’ with citizens possessing a criminal past and present more and more. Many of the new ‘recruits’ have a big list of articles of the Criminal Code of Ukraine on their shoulders, including the captive himself”

noted Daniil Bezsonov

In addition, the Ukrainian soldier said many interesting things about the strengthened planting of neo-fascist ideas among the youth with the active support of the current authorities.

“The captive spent a period of life in specialised camps where Ukrainian nazis prepared new recruits for themselves. Militants professing a fascist ideology did not ‘evaporate’ anywhere, they systematically joined and flooded all Ukrainian armed formations”

added the official representative of the DPR militia

“In 2016 I visited the camp of the Civil Corpus of the ‘Azov’ regiment. I stayed there for about six-eight months. There we were trained in tactics and taught military science. We were also brought together and went to different meetings in Kiev, Mariupol, and other cities. We were taught the ideology of the idea of the nation and nearly every night we had a ‘prayer of the Ukrainian nationalist’ … When Poroshenko issued the decree on martial law, everyone laughed at it. Everyone understood that he did it to stay in power,” said Panchenko.

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