Due to the Father’s Refusal to Cooperate With the SBU, His Daughter Was Expelled From Kharkov Academy

Translated by Lada Pyatnitskaya



As the Lugansk Information Center reported, the Kharkov humanitarian–pedagogical Academy expelled the daughter of an ex–fighter of the Lugansk People’s Republic for his refusal to cooperate with the Special Service of Ukraine.

According to the information, the former soldier himself told the Ministry of State Security of LPR about the scandalous fact.

“My daughter Dar’ya, who was studying at Kharkov humanitarian-pedagogical Academy, gave me a call and said that some people needed to talk to me. The person who picked up the phone introduced himself as Sergey — an employee of the SBU”, said the former soldier of the LPR.

According to him, he was required to report about the number of personnel of the unit where he used to serve and to provide information about the weapons and military equipment in service, call signs, phone numbers, and other things.

However, as the ex–fighter of the LPR said, he was threatened with physical violence over his daughter and problems with her studying. His child had to leave the territory of Ukraine on the same day, and after a while she was called again, she dropped the phone and then the threat message followed.

“The next day after our conversation on the phone, Dar’ya received information she had been expelled from the Academy”, said the ex–fighter of the LPR, concluding his story.

He also said he considers “the given methods of work of the SBU as criminal because they threaten and violate the constitutional rights of people”.

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