“Eat Glass, Russian Beast!”: The Shocking Details of the Korsun Massacre Perpetrated by Euromaidan Nazis

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



“Two ‘Maidanists’ wanted to rape me, but someone defended me. Some boy was tied to a tree and grown women beat him for two hours” – the resident of Crimea Mediyeva told the truth at the trial in the case of Yanukovych about what actually happened on the road in Crimea in 2014.


On March 21st the Obolonsky district court of Kiev continued interrogating witnesses in the criminal case against the former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, accused of high treason. The court in the case of Yanukovych has interrogated witnesses for already several months.

Earlier, the court completed the interrogation of witnesses from the prosecution, among them were representatives of the current government of Ukraine, who represented the opposition during “Euromaidan”. In particular, the former Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk, the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Andriy Parubiy, the Interior Minister Arsen Avakov, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Aleksandr Turchynov and President Petro Poroshenko were interrogated.

At the end of February, the court moved on to interrogating the witnesses of the defense. In particular, two witnesses were interrogated – the former Foreign Minister of Ukraine Leonid Kozhara and senior air traffic dispatcher in Ukraine from the “Ukraerorukh” enterprise in Dnepropetrovsk Andrey Chertkov.

Also on this day the court began the interrogation of the defence’s witness Oksana Mediyeva via video conference (the witness is in Crimea). On the website Mirotvorets Mediyeva is listed as a “Traitor to the Motherland and helper of Russian occupiers” for her work as the Chairwoman of precinct election commission in Simferopol.

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In court Mediyeva spoke about how she took part in the Anti-maidan in Kiev in 2014. According to her, the radicals had a lot of different weapons.

“At first, Maidan activists started throwing petards, incendiary mixtures, and such, you know, square-shaped fireworks. And all of this was flying around. Then we found petards that hadn’t exploded. Packages with small carnations were tied to them,” she stated, and added that the crowd rushed towards them several times and beat up many people. Then the police again separated the sides.

“On the morning of February 20th, the police shouted to us that the Maidan protesters are coming for the anti-Maidan people. They shouted, ‘run quickly onto the buses’. I saw how the column moved… with weapons. They [Maidanists – ed] were shooting, and when we saw how these guys from the police fell we got scared, ran off the bus, and started to leave Kiev,” said Mediyeva. And later it became known that she rode the bus from Kiev to Crimea that was attacked by the Maidanists.

As a reminder, on February 20th a convoy of buses with opponents of Euromaidan – residents of Sevastopol and Simferopol – onboard was traveling in the direction of Crimea. On the Kiev-Odessa highway activists were waiting for them, eager for violence against supporters of Viktor Yanukovych. Then the radicals attacked people, beat them with sticks, threw stones at them, and some buses were torched together with all possessions and documents.

“A minibus blocked our way, and it drove over one of the guys from the other bus… His ear was torn off, and something happened to his leg. The ambulance refused to hospitalise him. At the next checkpoint the bus was stopped again. Someone started shooting at the windshield, he wounded the driver’s armpit and palm, and on the right a bus started burning. Two ‘maidanists’ beat me up and wanted to rape me, but someone defended me. Stepan, who was with the radicals, said that I was a girl, and that there is no need to touch me. The guys from our bus were forced to their knees and forced to sing the anthem of Ukraine. If someone didn’t know the words or got lost in the song, they were beaten. Then they started to undress and remove our guys’ shoes. And then they took shards from the broken windows of the bus and started yelling, ‘chew the glass, Russian beast’. Our heads were beaten against the glass of the bus. In addition, some guy was tied to a tree and grown women beat him for two hours,” she said.

In the end, the anti-maiden protestors were released and returned to Simferopol: “Four days have passed, on February 24th I arrived in hospital and was hospitalised, diagnosed with a compression fracture of three vertebrae… I spent 7 or 8 days in the hospital.”

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