“Echo of Moscow” Claimed First Place in the Ranking of Anti-Russian Media

The Federal News Agency (FAN) published an issue featuring the ranking of anti-Russian media outlets. At the same time, experts of the publication noted that the ranking was based on coverage of important topics, such as:

  • The comments of the Russian President Vladimir Putin about national projects;
  • Launching trains from Moscow and St. Petersburg to Crimea;
  • The hot events in Moscow City Duma;
  • The detention of the blogger Aleksey Navalny that never actually happened;

The picture is as follows:

1. Echo of Moscow – 270

2. Lenta – 87

3. Kommersant – 54

4. Rosbalt – 48

5. Znak – 42

6. Inosmi – 37

7. RBK – 36

8. Vedomosti – 35

9. Dozhd – 32

10.Fontanka – 31

11. Otkrytye Media – 25

12. MBKh Media – 24

13. Polit.ru – 24

14. Interfax – 23

15. Moskovsky Komsomolets – 22

16. Russky Monitor – 19

17. Business.fm – 18

18. Deutsche Welle – 17

19. Tayga.info – 15

20. Republic – 13

21. Telegraf – 11

22. The New Times – 10

23. Mediazona – 10

24. Vek – 10

25. BBC Russian Service – 5

The FAN columnist and author of the Twitter account “Golos Mordora” notes that for many media outlets the motto can be the phrase “We have no good news for you”. After all, it’s not for nothing that in this ranking first place is rightly and deservedly taken by the publication Echo of Moscow, which, apparently, based its activity on this motto.

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Thus, for example, a grandiose event for Russia – the launching of the Crimean bridge – was presented by “Echo” as something ordinary, but the fact that the chief of the first train to Crimea did not have time to board the train was presented by the outlet as the most important event of the century.

The liberal media also did not remain aside when covering the construction of “Nord Stream-2”. At the same time, anti-Russian media endlessly exaggerated information about the suspension of the construction of the pipeline. At the same time, the Russophobes decided to not mention the fact that Russia has every opportunity to complete the gas pipeline.

But the scandalous “story of the one call” of the famous Navalny adherent hamster Ruslan Shaveddinov receives special publicity so much so that no fighter can compare with him. The so-called “victim of the Russian regime” Shaweddinov, it turns out, was not drafted into the army, but directly “kidnapped”.


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