Economic Genocide in Ukraine

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


On the Internet, photos of Ukrainian utility bills are being spread in large numbers (and also sent by personal messenger). The sums for a rather warm November just for heating – from 1600 to 1900 hryvnias. And this is for a one-room apartment, for two-room flats and three it is significantly more.

At this time, salaries of the majority of photo sharers is from 2500 to 4000 hryvnias. I.e. heating devours 50-60% of the income of these citizens. And as a whole, utility tariffs are much more than this. And it was only November, it will only get worse.

A huge number of people don’t find subsidies to be of any help, for various reasons, including the fact that several million people went to other countries to work. They are registered in their apartments, and when subsidies are calculated for them, they are considered as receiving the minimum wage, which automatically:

a) removes many people from the number of those who are entitled to subsidies;

b) significantly reduces the sizes of the paid subsidies to all who nevertheless receives them.

Starting with the new year, in Ukraine the formal minimum wage will be raised, which as a result will increase the threshold of entry in the category for receiving subsidies. And according to statements of Groysman and other officials of junta, they will further purposefully reduce the number of recipients of subsidies.

Moreover, according to information that is available to me, the central budget owes local budgets huge sums for subsidies. In each area it is estimated in tens of millions, and nationwide – hundreds of millions of hryvnias (Kiev in general “solves” a problem of the deficit of the state budget at the expense of municipal budgets, which chronically receive less money, but this is a subject for a separate big article).

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But let’s return to utility tariffs. According to modern economic standards, a person is considered as poor if they spend more than a half of their earnings for food. So how should one be considered if one spends more than half of ones earnings for payment of utilities, and already there is nothing left for food (not to mention clothes, cultural pastimes, and recreation)?

While the most difficult winter months, when payment for heating is even more than in the autumn, is still ahead.

But does it concern anyone? Both Poroshenko, and all officials, and all “non-lying” media continue to tell Ukrainians about one more delay of the not-needed-by-anyone visa-free regime.

Meanwhile the representatives of the IMF mission note that “the GDP of Ukraine per capita is only 20% of the European average and is three times lower than in neighbouring Poland and Romania”. According to statements of the IMF, decades of poverty await Ukraine (at this time they remind that postdate eurobonds, even those belonging to Russia, to put it mildly, is bad) and even if the economy will start to grow with a speed of 5% per year, in order to reach the level of at least East European neighbors Ukraine will need a whole generation.

But Maidan’s “fulfillers” continue to ignore the severe and unattractive reality that the coup d’etat led them to, and still hope for the collapse of Russia, as for panacea of their own lack of talent and insolvency.

It is a pity for normal people. It would be good to have a civilized divorce through regional referenda – all regions that want to cook in pot-Maidan Ruin [Ukraine – ed] – on the left, and those who are for Russia/Novorossiya – to the right. And those who are dissatisfied with the results of the referenda to move to regions where likeminded people are. And like this Banderists will sit in their poverty and ruin, without spoiling the lives of normal people.

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