“The Economist” Admits That Avdeevka Is Not on Ukraine’s Side

Translated by Ollie Richardson


Vladimir Kornilov

The Ukrainian military recognized in a conversation with the journalist of The Economist that most of the population of Avdeevka is against Ukraine. “Most of the locals blame Ukraine rather than Russia for their misery,” writes the magazine, which studied the situation on the ground.

Actually, it is indicative that even the liberal The Economist, which traditionally blames Moscow for all troubles and always defends the Kiev regime, publishes such recognitions.

In the same article there is information that the Ukrainian army drowns in alcohol and drug addictions, and also the shy proposal to recognize Ukraine’s loss of the territory that is controlled by the breakaway Republics of Donbass.

It is worthwhile for any western journalist to go to the place of the conflict, as the western readers learns a lot of new things for themselves. But a week later the same The Economist will begin to print a mass of notes of “experts” and “analysts” who never were neither in Donbass, nor in Ukraine, nor in Russia – and we will see again: “Moscow is guilty of everything”, “Ukraine defends locals”, “It is necessary to support the great peacemaker Poroshenko”, etc.

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