Eduard Basurin Names and Shames the UAF Commander Responsible for a Zaitsevo Resident’s Death

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


As a result of shelling from positions of the 4th separate motorized infantry battalion of the 128th separate mountain-infantry brigade of the UAF with the use of infantry fighting vehicle arms, grenade launchers of different types, and small arms on Zaitsevo, the civilian Viktor Degay Anatolyevich – 1969 year of birth, living on 53 Karbyshev Street – died. The second-in-command of the DPR Armed Forces Eduard Basurin spoke about this tragic story during a briefing.

Also as a result of Ukrainian shelling, damage was received by four more housing constructions at the address: 63 Karbyshev Street, 41 Poletayev Street, 15 & 17 Zagorsk Street. The destruction is visible in the photos.

A shell landed on a house in which a father with his three children lived, taking refuge in the basement. The house was subjected to shelling repeatedly. “Up to the last moment he didn’t want to leave, he restored the house over and over again, he continued to be engaged in educating his children. But this time the commanders of the 128th separate mountain-infantry brigade and the 4th separate motorized infantry battalion — the criminals Sobko and Khodi – managed to accomplish their objectives and three children were left as orphans,” said the second-in-command of DPR Armed Forces Eduard Basurin with regret.

“What did the commander of the battalion think about when fulfilling the criminal order of Sobko?! About an increased salary? or a promotion in rank? How much did he he value the life of an innocent man?” said Basurin indignantly, “the culprit of this inhuman crime will be held fully responsible for their actions before the law and God! Upon the fact of this tragedy a criminal case was opened”.

“We call on the OSCE representatives, the UN, and international human rights organizations,” stated Basurin, appealing to the world community, “to open their eyes to the atrocities of the UAF and to bring the criminals to responsibility!”

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We especially publish a photo of the war criminal Lieutenant-Colonel Sergey Sobko who left three children as orphans.

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