Eduard Basurin: Ukraine Attacks Donbass Again and Again

Translated by Nikita Che



Eduard Basurin

On the night of January 30th, Ukrainian command, while using an open channel for peace talks, initiated a cease-fire. After we confirmed the cease-fire they broke it, starting massive fire on the DPR area.

Since 20.00, after an initial artillery attack, the enemy pushed two platoons in coordination with mortars and two tanks and attempted to outflank us. During the attack, the Ukrainian troops entered a mined area and lost at least three dead and five wounded personnel. Despite this, the obsessed punishers continued the attack, firing by our positions, and found proper resistance. Trying to deflect attention from their attack, the enemy began massive shelling on Donetsk and Makeevka suburbs. They used 152mm and 122mm artillery and 120mm and 82mm mortars, which are prohibited by the Minsk accords.

According to our data, two civilian residents, I. Diachkov, born 1983, and V. Slorochenko, born 1966, got wounded.

Our intelligence states that Ukrainian military lost their morale in the wake of their heavy losses over the last two days, so the punishers decided to use as ‘cannon fodder’ Right Sector troops. Our servicemen record the insane behaviour of the militants, they are likely narcotized and in a drunken state.

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