Eduard Basurin: Ukraine Intends to Reverse Engineer the “Missing” OSCE Drone and Steal the West’s Patents

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The intelligence of the DPR has found the traces in the Armed Forces of Ukraine of the OSCE unmanned aerial vehicle that went missing on October 27th. This was stated by the official representative of the operative command of the DPR Eduard Basurin at a briefing on November 16th.

In particular, he reported that the intelligence of the DPR obtained new information about the loss on October 27th, 2018 of the OSCE’s drone.

“During the period from October 29th to November 10th a commission, headed by representatives of General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, was spotted working in the zone of responsibility of the 28th brigade. UAF officers and technical specialists of ‘Ukroboronprom‘ who were engaged in the initial studying of the ‘lost’ OSCE SMM drone, including the deactivation of its location tracking systems and sensors,” reported Eduard Basurin.

According to his information, at the moment the drone is in the headquarters of the 28th brigade in the settlement of Kurakhovo, and in the next few days it will be taken away from theOUF zone.

“Transportation of the drone was assigned to a number of officials led by the head of the intelligence department of the 28th brigade Lomak, who Nayev personally tasked with delivering and handing over the aircraft to the scientific research institute at the Antonov Company. It is supposed that representatives of the industry will further study the device for the purpose of illegally using patented western technologies in the creation of their own drones,” added the representative of the Defense Ministry.

In addition, he provided detailed information about the expected future of the drone and assumed that, in accordance with already developed traditions, the blame for its loss will be pinned on the Armed Forces of the Republic

“According to the data that is available to us, today, on November 16th, it is planned to transport the drone to the Kurakhovo railway station via a ZIL-131 truck with the registration plate 4649 R5, accompanied by three cars for protection. Then the drone will be delivered by railway transport to the destination in the capital of Ukraine,” concluded Eduard Basurin.

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