Eduard Basurin: Ukraine Violated Almost All Points of the Minsk Agreements by Capturing Settlements Near Gorlovka

Translated by Ollie Richardson


In connection with the illegal occupation of the villages Gladosovo and Metalist (Travnevoye), the Ukrainian side violated the following points of the Minsk Agreements:

Point 1 – the termination of the fire regime (since November 22nd units of the DPR Armed Forces recorded firefights between Ukrainian units, and also on December 8th – mortar fire from UAF positions aimed at Golmovsky;

Point 2 – the withdrawal of heavy weapons (since November 22nd mortar calculations of the UAF entered the settlements, and on December 8th – mortars were used near Golmovsky);

Point 3 – this concerns the OSCE SMM, which hasn’t provided effective monitoring or verification of the deployment of forbidden arms by the UAF, and hasn’t condemned the actions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, which are flagrantly violating the Minsk Agreements;

Point 4 – the UAF occupied the territory of the “buffer zone” which should remain neutral;

Point 5 – the Ukrainian side started to detain and repress the local population of the occupied Gladosovo and Metalist (Travnevoye);

Point 7 – the Ukrainian Armed Forces restricted unhindered access to the humanitarian aid allocated by the leadership of the DPR, and also add to the intensification of the humanitarian disaster in the occupied settlements;

Point 8 – social payments to pensioners and other categories of citizens were stopped and haven’t been restored, thus economising on them;

Point 10 – the Ukrainian side used foreign mercenaries for the violent occupation of Gladosovo and Metalist (Travnevoye), while, under the observation of the OSCE SMM, it is obliged to expel them from the country; and also in violation of points 11, 12, 13 they significantly restricted the rights and freedoms of the captured citizens who should independently choose those who govern them.

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Thus, in one example the Ukrainian side violated 11 points of the Minsk Agreements. Hence the question: is it possible to deal with such a government that isn’t capable of fulfiling its undertaken international obligations?

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