Eduard Basurin: Ukrainian Troops Tortured & Killed a POW

Translated by Nikita Che



Eduard Basurin, the spokesman for the DPR Defence

On January 16th, the Ukraine side handed over to us a body of the DPR Armed Forces servicemen Aleksandr Savian, who was captured by the 92nd Separate Mechanized Brigade of the UAF, commanded by Nikalyuk, and died as a hero after having refused to give them the demanded lies.

Seeking promotion, commander of the 92nd Brigade Nikalyuk ordered his troops to capture any DPR serviceman in order to pass him off as a subversive who had been prepared a terror act at the Kiev-held area.

When capturing the serviceman in the western Donetsk outskirts, Ukrainian militants wounded him in his leg from their small arms. Then he was delivered to the Kiev-held area and tortured. Despite this, they were not able to make him give false evidence on record. They killed him by a headshot.

It must be said that his corpse has two entry wounds, one by his knee, another in his head. That shows the serviceman first was wounded in his leg, and after that he was killed by a headshot. Committing it in the reverse order is not advantageous. So this shows the true faces of Ukrainian punishers and their attitude towards POWs.

Also, Ukrainian specialists made medical manipulations in his wounds, including changes of their shapes and removal of some parts of his bones and tissues in order to hide evidences of tortures and to eliminate the possibility of establishing facts of a type and caliber of the weaponry they killed him with, as well as a distance of the shots.

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That’s another fact of inhuman outrage over a wounded POW who is not able to resist and be protected from merciless butchers.

Committees on investigating of UAF war crimes that are acting in the Republic will initiate criminal case and investigate evidence of violating human rights and freedom, as well as laws and customs of war.

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