“Effective” Cannon Fodder: Klimkin Extolled US-Trained Ukrainian Armed Forces Battalions

Translated by Ollie Richardson



Military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine who received training by American instructors showed high effectiveness in battles in Donbass. This was stated by the Foreign Minister of Ukraine Pavel Klimkin at a session of the US senate.

“This support has already shown its effectiveness. The battalion of the 72nd brigade trained by the U.S. instructors was one of the most effective in repelling the Russian attacks on Avdeevka. The units prepared by the U.S. instructors appear to be very effective on the frontline,” quotes the website of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry from the word of Klimkin.

He also hoped that similar support will continue, having asked senators to adopt the relevant provisions in the new budget of the Pentagon.

Earlier it was reported that the U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson confirmed at a meeting with Pavel Klimkin that the anti-Russian sanctions will remain in force.

Of course, Klimkin wasn’t going to mention the fact that the “attacks on Avdeevka” actually stemmed from Ukrainian tanks launching shells at civilian areas in Makeevka – something the BBC and OSCE themselves inadvertently confirmed. In addition, the incident in February, 2017, where the UAF shelled a building in Avdeevka to cover up a drunken ammo incident also seemed to slip the mind of Pavlo. Let’s not even speak about the UAF losses of the 72 battalion during the Adveevka provocation (double digits).

Anyway, none of this matters because the regime in Kiev are simply US-appointed resource managers, who are tasked with ensuring some brainwashed cannon fodder position their guns as close as possible to the Russian nation. Other examples of “high effectiveness” under US guidance can be found under the rubble of demolished civilian areas in Libya, Syria, Vietnam, Iraq, Yemen, Africa, Japan etc.. Or in other words – any once-sovereign nation where Washington and friends delivered so called “democracy” from the sky.

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