Elections in the US – Run for the Popcorn!

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



“The entire planet rebelled against Clinton because she’s pure evil, which tries to lead mankind to nuclear annihilation”. The FBI and Wikileaks are against a not very lively old granny

Right now I am busy with a series of articles about the basic problems of the modern world economy (and the first one is already out), but for the sake of such a circus I put it on the shelf and ran for popcorn and 3D glasses.

By the way, just a few days ago I wrote why do we need virtual reality and “Matrix”, if in our reality everything is much more interesting, amusing and  more absurd at the same time. It’s as if I saw it in a crystal ball.

So, I will cut to the chase. I hope everybody is aware of the scandal with the email server of Clinton, when she, as Secretary of State, received secret documents on an unprotected private email server instead of a protected governmental one.

To make it clear how serious this is, I will only say that about fifty FBI agents worked on her case, and it threatened her “only” with charges of state treason.

As a result of great effort Clinton managed to hush up this story (or to quieten it). But on Friday, FBI Director James Comey sent wherever possible (ranging from congressmen to all the major media) a press release, which states “in connection with an unrelated case, we are forced to return to revisit this case. To be continued”.


And this a week before the election…

But all this is boring garbage, babies!

The most fun is in the details. Put on your helmets and fasten your seat belts, it will be hellish ride.

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So, Hillary has an assistant (and, as it is said – a lesbian lover), Huma Abedin. This, God forgive me, Huma, among other things, is closely connected with Saudi Arabian terrorist organizations.

Here I want to salute the creators of the series “Homeland”. You are pathetic amateurs and losers! The reality is much harsher and simpler at the same time. Any American politician can be bought or appeased (some, with a blowjob, or cunnilingus, depending on gender and orientation). Especially if their name is Clinton – there, sexual promiscuity is a family, ahem, peculiarity.

This Huma has a husband, Congressman Anthony Weiner. This character is accused by the same FBI of just sending photos of pornographic content (to be precise, of his dear self, in the nude) and attempted corruption of minors. And this, despite all the other perversions, even in the US is still very strict (this is not Norway, which is a f*cking disaster). This scandal has already received in the American media the name “Weinergate”.

So, in the framework of the investigations about Weinergate, they confiscated the mobile phone of Mr Weiner, on which, interspersed with homemade porn, nearly a thousand files from the mail server of Clinton marked “Top Secret” were found.

Of course, since the moment the Director of the FBI became aware that the top-secret material from the government of United States of Pindostan, because of Mrs. Clinton and her senility (for scientific “senile dementia”, if anyone is interested), were left lying around in the public domain, including in possession of some pervert pedophiles, he felt burnt. Witnesses say that the smoke was so epic that the fire alarm self-activated and he had to buy a new chair.

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Then the FBI Director, with a funny name Comey (almost Commie) rebelled and decided to flog Clinton head to toe.

So, let’s recap: the candidate for the Presidency of the “only superpower” has an assistant, who is a Saudi Arabian terrorist-lesbian, and whose husband is a pedophile-exhibitionist storing top-secret materials interspersed with porn.

And, one more little, very meagre piece of news: Joe Biden is accused of sexually assaulting young girls (as in squeezing, groping, as well as lewd verbal suggestions).

At this point, I want to salut the creators of the series “Californication”. You are pathetic amateurs and losers! Your adventures of the character David Duchovny is meagre and boring mediocrity.

God bless Russia! This is the only island of health and mind in an ocean of madness and chaos. Here such trash is not possible (at max, several hundred million dollars at the place of Colonel Zakharchenko, but this is banal and boring!).

If someone ever tries to say to you that Russia has bad and wrong power – spit in the face of this fool. Because it could be (Allah forbid), like in America.

But the main proof that the United States is insane is not even that, but in the fact that in a normal country after such an event, the sane party in the place of the Democrats should have said “Oops, we screwed up with our choice of candidate.” And ask for a postponement of the elections for the replacement of candidate, and if this is not possible, to immediately recognize trump as the winner.

But these ones, after Monday, will begin to prove to their voters and to the world that everything is in order. Grandma is not dead, and the fly sat on her by accident!

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In short, the nearest week is promises to be fun. Damn, there goes my plans for theoretical work in Economics. But at least I will eat a lot of popcorn.

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