Electoral PR: Poroshenko Staged a Fake “Prayer for Autocephaly” in Kiev

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



On October 14th in the center of Kiev at Sofiyskaya Square a prayer for granting autocephaly organised by Petro Poroshenko took place. “Worshippers” were brought by buses and allowed through police cordons according to lists.

As the correspondent of “Strana” reports, people on Sofiyskaya Square started to be taken from the early morning. They were taken in large numbers to the place of an action by buses. There were many transport vehicles with Kiev and Chernovtsi license plates. The clergy arrived to the event in luxury cars, and participants were brought by buses according to the order from the district state administrations.


People walked in harmonious columns, with two flags for every group. Among those who arrived there were a lot of youth. The order to be silent and not communicate with anybody aimed at the crowd could clearly be heard, the correspondent notes.

It should be noted that on the screens placed on the square the slogans “Language, Faith, Army” [Poroshenko’s election slogan – ed] were broadcasted.

The special correspondent of “Strana” Olesya Medvedeva created a video showing how the event took place and asked the participants of the prayer if they know what Tomos is. They responded:Tomos? What is Tomos?”

People were assembled for the Sunday prayer “for autocephaly” in Kiev – announced by the president Petro Poroshenko – in accordance with the orders of state administrations.

According to the document at the disposal of “Strana”, the Kiev-Svyatoshinsky regional administration of the capital ordered heads of local governments to provide people for participation in the event “in the greatest possible quantity” from every settlement.

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Poroshenko also advertised posts on Facebook about the carrying out of this prayer in Kiev. He launched paid advertising from the moment of the publication of a post on the social network on October 12th.

“The group of dear public leaders, among whom there are Yury Shcherbak, Dmitry Pavlychko, Mikhail Slaboshpitsky, addressed to me. They suggest to Ukrainian society to jointly pray on October 14th for Ukraine, its army, and the united church that we are creating together. I call all those who aren’t indifferent: let’s all come to a prayer of thanksgiving for autocephaly for our Church,” it was said in the statement.

Besides this post, there are also others that were promoted for money.

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