Elena Lukash on Poroshenko’s Annual Speech in the Rada

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Elena Lukash

I read the text of the speech of the President in parliament.

Great regrets. For the country. For people.

It is when the head of State considers the visa-free regime with the EU as the main achievement.

It is when the President:

  • complains that reforms are prevented by bureaucrats and oligarchs, being an oligarch himself;

  • swears that all will be punished for corruption, even the “President’s friends”, but there was never such corruption before as there is under him;

  • frightens that the military exercises of the Russian army is a “preparation for a war of continental scale“, while the NATO Secretary General doesn’t see any threat;
  • is happy that export to the EU grew by 23%, but doesn’t mention that export to Russia grew by 26.4%, and import – 41.5%;

  • convinces that he wants peace, but he won’t come to an agreement on anything with the “fighters”;

  • is proud that in the poorest country in Europe expenses on arms grew tenfold in comparison with 2013!!!

  • tries to prove his devotion to the idea of a parliamentary and presidential republic, but vigorously puts in his pocket all branches of power;

  • declares the decentralization of regions, leaving his Deputies there with huge powers;

  • humiliates the country with a course into NATO and the EU, where it’s not awaited and where this is loudly proclaimed;

  • promises to hold a referendum on NATO, knowing that he won’t do it;

  • says that the church is separated from the State, but writes a letter to Bartholomew the First with a request to give autocephaly to the Orthodox Church;

  • considers the renaming of 1000 settlements and the destruction of 1300 monuments to Lenin to be an achievement;

  • rejoices that he agreed to buy 700,000 tons of coal from the US extremely expensively.

  • is happy that human rights are limited and access to websites from the Russian side of the Internet is closed.

When the offer to liquidate the immunity of Deputies becomes a subject of bargaining and a “humorous joke”: “liquidate for the following Deputies as of 2020”.

And Deputies laugh.
And the President laughs.
At them.

But he who laughs last laughs best.

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