Elena Lukash: The Purpose of Kiev’s “Reintegration of Donbass” Law – War to the Last Ukrainian

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


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NSDC Secretary Aleksandr Turchynov said that with the signing of the law on Donbass, the President must sign the decree on the use of the UAF for the liberation of the “occupied territories”. He said this during a briefing.

Answering the question what will be the algorithm of actions in the event that the presidential draft law on Donbass is adopted, Turchynov noted that the bill does not exclude the possibility of using political and diplomatic events.

“We use complex measures: political and diplomatic, but also power, in particular, the use of the Armed Forces,” he added.

At the same time, the NSDC Secretary noted: “the president, together with the signing of this law, must sign the decree on the use of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for the defence of Ukraine and for the liberation of occupied territories”.

As a reminder, according to the Chief of the General Staff Muzhenko, a ten-day operation with the use of aircraft can incur losses of 10,000-12,000 soldiers, 3,000 of who will die.

To the question about an assessment of civilian casualties, he noted that for every 2,300 dead soldiers there are 10,000 local residents.

At the same time, Muzhenko said, according to the calculations on the same doctrines, taking into account the possible forces of both the Ukrainian side and the Russian Federation, in the conditions of the implementation of the power scenario the Ukrainian army has enough forces to adequately respond not only to the East but also on the border with Russia.

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Comment of Elena Lukash:

Concerning today’s attempts to adopt laws on Donbass:

1. The recognition of Russia as the aggressor-State isn’t the aim of the draft laws. It is camouflage and eyewash. And the existing (!) Treaty of Friendship between Russia and Ukraine, which nobody is going to terminate, is the best proof of this. The words “session of the Rada was disrupted by Russian agents” already cause not laughter, but disgust.

2. The purpose of the draft law is the cutting away of Donbass and the prevention of elections on its territory. Donbass is feared, hated, and they won’t allow voting there. It is for this purpose that it is recognized as occupied. Although all of Ukraine is occupied by these sub-humans, don’t you find?

3. Everything besides the DATE in the draft law, which prolongs for 12 months the effect of the law “on special status”, is nonsense and peel. It is a distracting manoeuvre.

4. The extension of the effect of the law “on special status” is necessary for “peacekeepers” as a crutch for negotiations with the West, as a demonstration of good will with zilch in the pocket. It is ridiculous, of course.

5. With the provisions of the draft law, the President tries to acquire the right for the uncontrolled and free use of all military formations. Without the Cabinet of Ministers. Without the parliament. Good appetite.

6. The law, in case of its acceptance, will definitively bury the Minsk Agreements.

7. There will not be any peace under these authorities. War to the last Ukrainian is their obvious purpose.

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That’s why it’s not important if they will adopt this law or not. They are not about peace.

Also remember, everyone who today declared their readiness to die in a patriotic impulse for the Motherland will be alive, healthy, and rich.

Those who trust them will die. And their other victims.

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