Elena Lukash: Several Questions for the Participants of the LGBT March in Kiev

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Elena Lukash

Several thoughts concerning the gay parade.

I calmly relate to the right of people to choose their own partners and to decide what happens in their own private life. I adore Freddie Mercury, Oscar Wilde, and Jean Marais…

Among my acquaintances there are many worthy, kind, friendly, and talented gay and lesbian people.

I never heard from them about pride, the need to promote it, and violated rights or infringements. They just live and work.

A good notary will help to solve any questions in advance concerning property and inheritance. And to them it’s not important what your sexual orientation is. Only someone who saved money on legal advice can speak about the legal “infringements” on LGBT. And of course grant-eaters.

Of course, I am against the propagandization of LGBT.

I don’t understand why I, a mother of two children, should go and propagandize traditional family values.

Now on to today’s pathetic show.

People driven into cages surrounded like criminals by the police… Is this equality? Is it a reason for pride? I cannot imagine pride in this way.

It is a reason for PITY.

LGBT people, I have several questions for you:

1. No one from the authorities came out to support you, did you notice? They are ashamed of you. But they use you with pleasure. Both the authorities and grant-eaters. Do you understand this?

2. You were allowed half an hour to walk in the fenced space with cages and police, for only one purpose – to report on the protection of LGBT rights, which are so honored in Europe. It was not a gay parade, but the special operation “report to the EU”: “gays are fine, don’t interfere in the plundering”.

It this clear to you?

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3. Today you looked like a cover, a fig leaf, a TOOL for the power to swap the topic of the destruction of the State with the protection of LGBT rights. Do you like to be a TOOL?

4. Didn’t it come into your mind that in the military-police feud, which Ukraine is, there are no rights and freedoms at all. For all citizens in general. It isn’t dependent on sexual orientation. So what LGBT rights in general it is possible to speak about?

You are just making excuses for the authorities. Do you understand this? Who are you with? Apparently, you are with the authorities and grant-eaters, otherwise you wouldn’t bring such dishonor to yourself.

5. What did you popularize today? Promote? What do you achieve, except the anger and hatred of citizens?

Citizens who are killed in Donbass, who are beaten whilst laying flowers at the eternal flame of Victory, who are intimidated extrajudicially and kept in prisons, from which the last crumbs are taken away by taxes, prices, and tariffs? And they aren’t protected by the police like you are…

I feel pity for you. Honestly. And it has nothing to do with who you sleep with and how.

Pity Party.

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