Embroidery as an Anti-Russia Soft Power Tool in Ukraine-Controlled Mariupol

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The brainwashed residents of Mariupol – under the control of the Ukrainian authorities – together with out-of-towners, held in the city a so-called embroidery parade. 
This was reported by the local information portal “0629 Mariupol”.

“Now we will go to the gastronome and we will add alcohol to it, and the mood will be good in general,” said one of the participants of the procession when answering the question about what the mood is like on the embroidery holiday.

“It’s great when the residents of Mariupol all gather together. It is a Ukrainian holiday. I think that now it is especially important to show everyone that we are also a part of Ukraine,” stated a girl in embroidery.

“We go and shout ‘Glory to Ukraine’. We wait so that we will be supported by the people, and they support us,” stated a young man participating in the march.

It should be noted that the response from many other residents of Mariupol towards the event in their hometown wasn’t positive.

“The large industrial center was turned into a backward Carpathian village. They found something to be proud of,” said one of the Internet users who commented on the video of the embroidery march.

It is noteworthy that despite the chant of “Glory to Ukraine – Glory to Heroes” and “Ukraine Above All” practically all participants of the procession spoke in Russian.

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