Emission of Benzene at the Avdeevka Plant Will Lead to a Large-Scale Disaster

Translated by Ollie Richardson



The Minister of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the DPR Aleksey Kostrubitsky said that the emission of benzene at the Avdeevka coke-chemical plant will lead to a large-scale disaster.

According to him, the area of a zone of possible chemical infection will be 1200 square kilometers. The contaminated clouds with dangerous chemicals can extend to 20 km from the location of the object.

“The consequences of an accident connected to shelling – with sulfuric acid it will not be as large-scale as it will be for benzene emission, but it is also significant. The depth of the contaminated cloud spreading zone will be 15 km with a contaminated area of about 700 square meters,” said Kostrubitsky.

It is known that 41,000 people live near the coke-chemical plant in Avdeevka. The enterprise is located in close proximity to the so-called Avdeevka industrial zone. At the same time the territory located in the triangle Airport-Yasinovataya-Avdeevka is one of the hottest spots in the DPR today.

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