Emos, Feminists, Kids: The August 31st Rally of Navalny Supporters Was a Failure

On August 31st in Moscow another unsanctioned rally took place. Aleksey Navalny and his gang of provokers who didn’t progress to the second stage of the electoral campaign organised this action. Activists vainly tried to show that the population supports them, but at them, as usual, nothing left.

The organisers of the protest action chose the Clean Ponds as the place of gathering of non-indifferent citizens. As a result, at around 14:00 mainly representatives of the press arrived at the meeting place. Even the oppositional TV channel “Dozhd” admitted that the situation was more reminiscent of an unsanctioned rally of journalists.


Later a couple of hundreds of people and members of the media moved to “walk” down the boulevards. Law enforcement didn’t impede the column. However, if the participants of the event would start to provoke law enforcement, then the police station nurseries were definitely be overfilled.

Mainly kids came to protest actions in order to be noticed. Those who aren’t even legally allowed to vote. And Voronezh emos arrived in Moscow. The kids, probably, decided to have a good time before a difficult academic year and to visit the capital.


Feminists were also noticed in the crowd. The little girls tried to draw attention to the arrest of the Khachaturian sisters.

Some participants of the “carnival” distinguished themselves by stupid slogans. Most likely, these people just wanted to be noticed.

“I am sitting”

In general, it is quite reasonable to say that the rally failed. Only a couple hundred people came to it . And they supported not the electoral admission of unregistered swindlers, but their own ideas. It is obvious that Navalny and his mob of provokers didn’t achieve the goal.

Nikolay Kireyev

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