Endless Transferrals & Anti-Maidan Scapegoats: the Story of the Odessa Massacre Court Case

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The indictment on the case of the fire in the House of Trade Unions on May 2nd, 2014, was transferred to the Kievsky district court of Odessa…

The pre-trial investigation in relation to this case was completed in June, 2017. Initially the case was transferred to the Primorsky district court of Odessa, however there it wasn’t succeeded to create a collegium for its consideration: all the judges who were appointed by the automatic system of distribution withdrew themselves on the grounds that they were involved in the consideration of the case at the pre-trial investigation stage. As a result, the case was sent to the Court of Appeal of the Odessa region, which transferred it to the Kievsky district court of Odessa for consideration.

The first hearing on the case is appointed for January 28th. The victims and their representatives were already subpoenaed.

Only one person makes up the “accused” connected to the case: the activist of Kulikovo Field Yury Trofimov. According to materials of criminal proceedings, he is guilty because it is precisely he who called other activists of Kulikovo Field to occupy the building of the House of Trade Unions. And it is precisely this fact, according to law enforcement bodies, that became the cause of the tragedy that led to the deaths of 42 [the official Maidan-friendly number, which is a gross undervaluation – ed] people.

It is the deputy of the Odessa regional council Markin – who died on May 2nd, who makes up the “suspects”, but the case against him was closed because of his death.

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Trofimov, however, will also not appear before the court personally: in 2014 he was exchanged for captured UAF soldiers, and currently, according to available information, he is in Russia.

What a surprise! The Ukrainian kangaroo court system has pinned the blame for the Odessa massacre on someone who is dead and another person who isn’t even in Ukraine anymore – both “pro-Russian” too! 

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