Enemies of Humanity

NEW – August 16, 2022

The other day, the Russian Defence Ministry made an official statement:”We are considering the possibility that the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is involved in the emergence of the new coronavirus.

Even at the height of the pandemic, the chief adviser to the head of the ideological headquarters of globalists, the president of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab (“the great reset”), and professor at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Yuval Harari, confessed to the purposes for which COVID-19 is used:

In the near future, when people look back, they will remember that it all started with the COVID crisis. This is the moment of transition to full digitalisation, when absolutely everything will be monitored. This is the moment of consent to total tracking, not only in a totalitarian society, but also in a democratic one. The most important moment will come when tracking a person is not only external, but also subcutaneous. A very important process is taking place in the world right now: we ‘hack’ people. We have the ability to ‘hack’ a person to understand what is happening inside them, what drives you… We have two revolutions behind us: the computer science revolution and the biological sciences revolution; they existed separately from each other, but now they are merging together… This is a technology that converts biological data into digital data. This data will be processed by computers and will allow us to monitor people under the skin. This is a game-changing moment. Because this is the key, the key to better understanding people — even more than they understand themselves… This is a crucial revolution, and COVID plays a critical role because it persuades people to legalise total biometric surveillance.

If “they” are going to combine the revolutions in computer and biological sciences to establish absolute power over man and humanity, then isn’t it time for us to put these two statements together and stop burying our heads in the sand and recognise that the reality is not only the enemies of the people, but also the enemies of humanity. Forces fighting to destroy man and humanity. Forces that, as the COVID pandemic has shown, are capable of any seemingly unthinkable crime in order to establish absolute power over humanity.

Why is it fundamental to understand the reality of the existence of enemies of humanity to combine evidence of the man-made coronavirus (MOD of the Russian Federation) with the recognition by globalists of the role of the COVID pandemic in achieving their goals? Because for all the sensationalism of the Russian Defence Ministry’s statement and the scandalous nature of Harari’s statement separately, they do not give a complete picture of the danger threatening the world.

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Globalists never hid their goals, because they were well aware that it was impossible to declare them criminal. World government — for a world without wars. Total control – for the sake of public safety and stability. Support for LGBT people – for the right of everyone to be themselves. Transformation of a person into a cyborg (transhumanism) – for the sake of longevity, if not immortality, of a person.

It is not because of the dizziness of success that ideologues of globalism allow statements about the significance of the COVID pandemic for the realisation of their goals. COVID is a natural disaster, and Nature itself has shown that only the recipes of globalisers can save humanity.

So how can those who call themselves globalists be declared enemies of humanity? All for the benefit of man and humanity. And the claims about “well-intentioned paved roads to hell” are not relevant.

Similarly, proof of the artificial origin of COVID in American biolabs, apart from the revelations of globalisers, is nothing more than a fact that allows us to speak only about the criminal negligence of the United States, and not about a war against humanity.

The “ironclad argument” of opponents of the man-made pandemic, who are still forced to admit the fact of the artificial origin of the virus itself — is that it has affected millions of Americans. The virus is dangerous for all countries and peoples, therefore, there is no subject capable of deliberately launching a pandemic (let’s leave the crazy ones alone).

Everything is logical, but only as long as the fact of artificiality of the coronavirus is not combined with the revelations of globalisers. The subject of war against humanity immediately appears. This subject is ideologically and financially motivated. It is able to organise a pandemic bypassing the official leadership of the United States (just look at the list of “Guardians of the Council on Inclusive Capitalism”). The pandemic meets its strategic interests (you admitted it yourself). It doesn’t care about the fate of Americans or even Jews, let alone all other nations and states. Ensuring the safety of several hundred or even thousands of beneficiaries of the pandemic (subject) from the virus is not a problem.

Of course, this is not a legal proof of the fact of the war against humanity of those who are called globalisers, as well as their responsibility for the pandemic. Based on the fact that someone is most interested in the murder and could have committed it, the court will not pass a guilty verdict. But these grounds simply oblige the investigator to take the relevant person into detailed development, to recognise them as the main suspect.

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It is now critically important for us to achieve such an investigation or at least an open discussion of the topic. If it is possible to remove the “taboo” from the topic of enemies of humanity, by removing the “taboo” from the topic of the man-made COVID pandemic, and not just the man-made virus itself, we can assume that half the battle is done. “They” exist and move towards their goal, as long as they manage to make everyone think that they do not exist, that all this is the invention of obscurantists, marginals and conspiracy theorists. So we would like to thank Professor Harari for his candid confession.

However, it is not enough to understand that a war of annihilation is being waged against humanity, that a pandemic, a cult of perversion, and inclusive capitalism (the list goes on) do not arise by themselves, but are interrelated elements of this war. It is equally important to understand who “they” are, what force is striving to destroy humanity. Without this, it is impossible to develop either an effective strategy or effective tactics of confrontation. It would seem that the answer is obvious — globalists, whose core is transnational capital. Accordingly, it is necessary to fight primarily in the field of economics – to eliminate the economic system that has allowed transnationals to concentrate colossal financial resources and enormous power in their hands over the past half century, they will lose the ability to control world finances, and liberal globalism (an ideology that expresses the interests of transnational capital) will lose its monopoly in politics, culture, education and information.

The task is complex, but, despite all the power of transnationals, it is solvable. But make no mistake: the possible, though not obligatory, weakening of transnational capital and the associated collapse of the ideology of liberal globalism will not solve the problem. Its roots are much deeper and are not limited to the concentration of capital in the hands of a handful of transnationals, nor to liberal globalism.

The complex of selectness, the concept of a chosen caste standing above humanity, which is allowed everything, is in no way a product of globalisation — the economic system formed in the last half-century with its omnipotence of transnational capital. They can be traced back thousands of years. Similarly, the desire to “liberate” a person from God, Motherland, nation, family, and ultimately from themselves is not the know-how of modern liberals. It is enough to recall the ideas that were spread in Masonic lodges.

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The answer to the question who is waging war against humanity, who is trying to drive it into a digital concentration camp is given by the Small People theory of I. R. Shafarevich and the Anti-system theory of L. N. Gumilev.

One of the greatest discoveries of I. R. Shafarevich and L. N. Gumilev is the discovery of the role of feelings in the history of mankind, including the feeling of hatred.

L. N. Gumilyov, investigating the causes of ethnic catastrophes over the past two millennia, proved that the orientation of people’s activities (for creation or destruction) is determined by the deep layers of the psyche – the worldview, and not by certain “isms”. He introduced the concept of “negative attitude” into scientific use, in which the main incentive for human activity is hatred of the surrounding world, the desire to destroy it.

It is this social force generated by a negative attitude that I. R. Shafarevich called the “Small People”. “The fundamental property of the Small People,” he wrote,”which is sometimes promoted to attract supporters, and sometimes hidden, is fiercely denied as the terrible secret of the whole concept, namely that the only driving force of any Small People is the desire for destruction and hatred of existing life.”

Therefore, representatives of the Small People (Anti-system) appear in history under any banners and slogans that are optimal for the implementation of their basic attitudes at any given moment, and they do not hold on to “isms”, easily changing them to the exact opposite – “the principle of striving for destruction remains, and this is the main thing” (L. N. Gumilev).

The causes of the emergence of Small People and generic properties of Anti-system are topics of a separate conversation. Now I will just draw your attention to how serious a diagnosis of the modern world was made by L. N. Gumilev and I. R. Shafarevich.

Igor Rostislavovich Shafarevich: “The ideology of the ruling stratum of the West, the ‘golden collars’, is directly opposite to the ideology of the majority of the people… The ruling stratum is now a ‘Small People’, and does not contain a ‘Small People’ in the form of its own part.”

Lev Nikolaevich Gumilev, completing his main work – “Ethnogenesis and the Earth’s biosphere” – wrote: “I dedicate it to the great cause of protecting the natural environment from Anti-system.”

Forewarned means armed.

Igor Shishkin

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