If the Enemy Really Existed, There Wouldn’t Be a Need to Insist on Its Existence

By Angelina Siard (from 2016)

Each of you, of course, know about the infamous “Russian Aggression”, that is to say that “thousands of Putin’s hordes” attacked Ukraine, thereby giving rise to the fratricidal war in Donbass and not allowing Ukraine to freely enter the coveted European Union, where she was awaited with buckets of free black caviar.

This, for already more than 2 years, day and night, the Western-American media never tires to cry about under the shrill chorus of “legitimately” elected Ukrainian President Poroshenko.

Russian Aggression! Russian Aggression! Russian Aggression!


But if we go back to the distant past and remember that there is no fortuity in life, that we all entered this world to learn, whether it be as an individual or even an entire country, that until lessons are learned and conclusions are made, the same problem will come back to us by whole packages.

And the Russians also say that there is no BAD without GOOD… You will ask what good was the existence of Hitler? It’s simple — dark Anglo-Saxon forces, without even knowing it, worked on its creation precisely in order for the world to be horrified at itself, and prevent any more similar recurrences. But as the level of world consciousness is not homogeneous and is in constant confrontation — simply put, only those who have experienced the horrors of this war and paid for it with their lives were able to take from this global meat grinder the lesson that Evil cannot be trusted and that all its truth is deception. And that it will not hesitate to dress in clothes of the good-liberator, and once it felt that its global hegemony could be undermined… It will promptly land on a Normandy beach as the world’s saviour from the very thing it created. American and British soldiers who died on D-Day, as well as their children and grandchildren, would never know that they gave their lives for the hypocritical policy of their government.

And while the French cities of Normandy were subjected to indiscriminate bombing, with large civilian victims, by the “Allied” armies of Britain and America, which in her entire teenage history never experienced the horrors of war on its territory, and the “true” saviour of France Charles de Gaulle would leave to fate those surrounded by the retreating German army – the resisting Vercors (because a large part of the French resistance to fascism consisted of Communists), the rest of the “rescue of Europe” was already urgently rushed to Berlin in order to not let the real saviour of Europe establish a Communist flag on its entire territory and partition her into Pro-Soviet and Pro-capitalist, predetermining the fate of post-war Europe for decades.

To prevent the penetration of the “red plague” in Europe, and to not allow the enslaved masses open their eyes to the true nature of capitalism and to rise up against it, it’s exactly with this aim that America landed on the beaches of Normandy. Now you will not find it strange that it was Germany – the main culprit of world destruction, and not official ally Russia, who sacrificed 27 million lives in this war – who America and her allies quickly started to help. It was necessary as soon as possible, by rebuilding damaged infrastructure, to involve its official colonies in the procuring of material wealth and to destroy all attempts of the satisfied-by-consumption masses to think for themselves.

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And while the real winner, with his own hands, was erecting his villages and towns from the ashes, the good America already sheltered the remnants of fascist surviving vermin, which subsequently occupied the leadership of the NATO Alliance. The winning Soviet people very soon, in the eyes of the Western people, turned into the enemy, while the official winner of this war became the United States. French children won’t learn from their textbooks that it is precisely the battle of Stalingrad, the battle for Moscow, and the historically unprecedented tank battle at Kursk, where Hitler threw his best forces, which determined the victorious outcome of World War II. They’ll also never learn of the fact that during the signing of the German surrender  in the presence of the winners, German General Alfred Yodl said in an address to the French representative: “And them, they also defeated us?”

Already then it became clear that the hypocritical “allies” were not sickened by the rewriting of history and usurping an undeserved victory, and that the lesson assigned by history to the Soviet Union is in the fact that it is only the visible tip of the fascist Beast that was defeated, while its roots, deeply anchored in traditional Anglo-Saxon colonial culture, remained untouched. And thus there’s no fortuity that he came back, because Western-American propaganda did everything in order to make her working masses remain ignorant of history and rebel against their imperialist elites.

This time the Beast returned with an upgrade of weapon, obliged by experience, but with their ancient Zionist sponsor-oligarchs, which during WW2 funded the rise of National Socialism in the hyper-inflated 30’s Germany, and in this way, ironically, the future gas chambers for their blood brothers.

Today he came back under the banner of colour revolutions, bringing “democracy” everywhere he can —Iraq, Libya, Syria etc.

But the most tasty morsel for him was always a stubborn Russia, unwilling to submit to the unipolar world, the same Russia that while still Soviet, has painfully squeezed his tail. The same Russia, for which the question of national identity has never been a problem, as she didn’t build her state on the bones of the indigenous dead, and she didn’t need the Statue of Liberty as a symbol of teenage resolve complex according to their English mother the UK. Russia existed when America was not even an embryo. Russia also experienced a revolution, not of the operetta kind that France had, moving from capitalism to capitalism, but one that probably the modern world consciousness is not yet ready for. But it is thanks to this revolution that the outlines of the first-in-the-world society built on the idea of equality and fraternity were created, and it is exactly these ideas that made the Soviet Union’s victory over Nazi Germany possible.

And this Russia – which didn’t drop a single bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which, unlike the RAF, did not burn to ashes 135,000 already-defeated Germans in Dresden in February 1945, which did not burn with Napalm Vietnamese children, and did not turn any country from a blooming paradise with free social services into a smouldering ruin, like America did in Libya – was suddenly transformed into an “aggressor” by those who did all of this.

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In the interest of time I will spare you a complete list of “achievements” by these “benefactors of the world”. If Freud was alive, he would be almost bored to sift through the reasons for such accusations.

This form of illness in psychiatry is called psychological projection, and is expressed in shifting their own blame onto others — when an individual, group or whole country protects themselves from their own acts of horror, first denying their existence, and then attributing them to others.

As you can imagine, Russia learned that it invaded Ukraine from the most “reliable” world sources — CNN, BBC, and other three-letter networks… But strangely she “invaded” not somewhere in Kiev, Lvov or Kharkov, but in Donbass… the same Donbass that was the only entity in Ukraine who already before Maidan understood the ins and outs of “world benefactors”, and tried to save the country from the imposing “American Paradise.” Already in 2013, when all of Ukraine was in a state of orgasm in anticipation of European frilly panties and ran courses on American NGO Tech-camps to better understand the technology of “becoming a slave“, Donetsk harshly reacted to the arrival of the American Ambassador Tefft in the city, amassing to demonstrations with slogans:


“No to Syrian revolution in Ukraine”, “Tefft, hands off Donbass”, “Tech-Camp – embryo of revolution”


Donetsk Anti-TechCamp rally in 2013

If we follow Poroshenko: Putin attacked Donbass that, like him, did not want to be in an increasingly surrounded “company” of NATO bases…

Kiev and Lvov wanted very much to be in NATO, but Putin, apparently, had pity for them… and began to bomb and kill civilians in Donbass, and those who managed to leave the territory under his fire, for some reason, escaped in their thousands to the aggressor-country, which bizarrely never stopped to send humanitarian aid…

And naturally, to exterminate the remaining population, Putin sent to Donbass his thousand-strong troops. Surely he did it with modern holographic technology (don’t forget, Putin is in direct contact with aliens, and he is one of them). That’s why apparently neither the OSCE nor Western journalists or humanitarian organizations working in Donbass were able to provide official data on their presence there — a many thousands-army with field kitchens, hospitals, and hangars for military equipment disappeared from radar satellites with a wave of “Putin’s magic wand.” But all of this will not prevent the founder of the world order and its servants from declaring Russia as the aggressor.

Because the Beast’s weapon is lying and slander. But in order to plunge the whole country into hype, you need to prevent the use of any source capable of telling the truth, and the main thing is not to give time for the hypnotised masses to recover, feeding her breakfast, lunch and dinner with the well-learned mantra of “Russian Aggression”. The State Department issues commands, the “legitimately”-chosen-by-it President of Ukraine obeys. Poroshenko even took to Twitter, where he neither day nor night was able to sleep because of “Russian Aggression” — as if he wanted to shout to the entire world “But believe me, I beg you, Russia invaded Ukraine!”

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Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 20.04.40 Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 20.05.00

However, in between tweets he bombed the civilian population of Donetsk and Lugansk, and there is a lot of proof of this, unlike the unfounded chant of “Russian Aggression”:

By sending their fresh cannon fodder, he is thereby staging the genocide of not only Donbass, but all of Ukraine. After all, the master needs an absolutely clean launch pad for the envisaged, but failed at the time of Gorbachev and Yeltsin, color revolution in Russia…

Don’t you think that if the enemy really existed, there would be no need to continuously insist on its existence?

Putin, after “invading” Donbass with his thousands-army, strangely still couldn’t arrive in Berlin Kiev after 2 years, but in Syria he is triumphantly smashing into smithereens the enemy of mankind – generated by the same Beast who doesn’t stop repetitively reporting in all his media about “Russian Aggression” in Ukraine…

Oddly enough, all the evidence of his presence in Syria immediately appeared in the media, unlike in Ukraine:


And it seemingly doesn’t matter that even a Ukrainian General himself confirmed the absence of regular Russian troops in Donbass:

This video will never be shown on the leading American channels, because the myth of Putin’s aggression not only in Donbass, but also all over the world, must maintain the crest of its apogee.

They needed this “Russian Aggression” so much that during the 2 years of war in Donbass they killed more than 10,000 civilians, shot down a passenger plane with 298 people onboard, and just recently ordered a provocation on the Crimean border via the hands of their bloody executioner Poroshenko, with only one purpose — to provoke Russia into a conflict with Ukraine. After growing tired of waiting, they chose as the candidate for the seat of the future American President the most hysterical revealer of “Russian Aggression” – the Medusa Gorgon Clinton, who in the event of winning the election will not hesitate to click on the “Armageddon” button due to the abundance of militant testosterone in her blood since Libya.

Today Russia is saving the suicidal Europe and the entire world from the US’ new creation – a new Beast conceived by the same parents that created fascism: ISIS/Daesh. And just like during the Second World War, they do everything in order to prevent Russia from achieving this, or usurping her victories, by pretending to fight against their very own Beast.

Putin has no Twitter. He doesn’t scream on every corner that ISIL is the sworn enemy of mankind. Unlike Poroshenko & Co, he has no need to constantly repeat the mantra of an enemy’s existence. Putin is simply working on destroying it, because Truth is calm and open. It doesn’t falsely display itself, doesn’t require embellishment, doesn’t pursue mercantile goals, and does not beg for promotion and protection. It is self-contained and can without an ounce of conscience look at itself in the mirror, because it has no reason to reproach itself. That’s why you will not live long enough to encounter “Russian Aggression”. Truth can’t resemble a lie and use its methods.

Russia’s mission is to teach the world by example how it should be in order to never again be terrified of itself.

“Do you realise what you have done?”

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