Epidemiologist: A Significant Part of the Population of Ukraine Will Suffer From the Measles Virus

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



In Ukraine a considerable part of the population of the country will suffer from the measles virus, the incidence rate of which is growing at an improbable speed, but an epidemic still hasn’t been announced.

This was state at a press conference by the head of the laboratory of the Institute of Epidemiology and Infectious Diseases of L.V. Gromashevsky of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine Igor Marychev.

“We are approaching the fact that a considerable part of the population of Ukraine will be captured by the measles epidemic. Ways of combatting measles are known – in many countries measures designed to stop inoculations being refused have been toughened. An example is Hungary, where since 2001 there has been 100% target coverage of the population, not only outbreaks, but also measles cases are not observed. Such a statistic was achieved by the fact that parents of unvaccinated children were subjected to heavy fines, and should there be a repeated refusal, then the question of revoking parental rights was considered. Probably it is necessary to fight against epidemics using more concrete measures and ways,” said Marychev.

Earlier it was reported that the incidence rate of measles in Ukraine is approaching the pre-vaccination period of 1968. Today the figure per 100,000 population is 600 cases of measles, among children up to 17 years this figure is 500 cases per 100,000 population. From December 28th 2018 to January 18th 2019 8,498 people had measles in Ukraine – 3,537 adults and 4,961 children fell ill. Since the beginning of 2019 6 Ukrainians died from measles.

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In Ukraine from December 28th 2018 to January 18th 2019 8,498 people – 3,537 adults and 4,961 children – already fell ill with measles. According to the Ministry of Healthcare, in 2018 five people died from complications with measles. In 2018 measles claimed 16 lives.

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