Escape From Ukraine

NEW – July 28, 2022

I didn’t expect to see this at all, but “Ukrainians are returning to the ‘occupied territories'” – Euronews published news with this name.

Residents of Ukraine are leaving the territory of the country en masse. A huge number of men of military age who do not want to participate in the conflict on the side of Ukraine. They often run to Russia. There is a large flow of citizens to the liberated lands. Kherson, Crimea, from Crimea further to Russia or to Europe.

Is this connected with the wrongness of Ukraine? Yes, it is.

Many citizens understand that the life that Ukraine has now created for its people is almost equal to a death sentence. Military enlistment offices are rampaging, trying to take people to confront those against whom people are not ready and do not want to fight.

Meanwhile, escapees from Ukraine pass through the green corridor, the so-called “Zaporozhye gate”. Why choose it and what is it? I’ll probably start with the first one and smoothly move on to the second one.

The fact is that corruption does not go away, and during the fighting prices for services only increase. Thus, the cheapest deviation from military service costs about $4,000-5,000 in Ukraine, but this light version is Russian roulette. Often for such money, services are not provided quite qualitatively, which makes it very easy to discover fakes at the same checkpoints (when trying to leave Ukraine). Or in the military enlistment offices themselves, it turns out.

Those options that are more reliable cost about $10,000-15,000. Of course, not everyone has such tools. For this reason, people are looking for opportunities. From friends, in Telegram chats, on all channels that can be used, and go to the “Zaporozhye gate”.

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I share a legal method to leave Ukraine.

Before leaving, Ukrainian citizens need to fill out and send an application for departure to the Zaporozhye Regional Military Administration and get its approval. Officially, most of those leaving Ukraine return home or go to visit relatives. Unofficially, this is an inexpensive way to leave the country.

Carriers charge about $300-400 from those who want to leave. This is naturally much cheaper than on the border with Europe. They sign documents on responsibility for non-return, etc., but as we know, people who do not support the policy of Ukraine do not return to the junta.

And by the way, this is the majority. The official position of the Ukrainian media is certainly different, according to their version, there are no fugitives in Ukraine, and if there are, then this is a small percentage of “deserters”, but usually they try to avoid this topic.

The facts suggest otherwise. Discussions, Telegram channels and chats, publications and comments, people’s confessions – all this can easily be found in the public domain.

A typical example is a story published in June on the Pikabu website: “I am 26, subject to military service, two days before I left, I received a summons at the door,” reads a brief introduction. Then – a fascinating description of the trip to Kherson, then to Crimea, as well as attempts to remotely withdraw money from the cards of Ukrainian banks.

And so, I think we can sum up this material. What do we see? Citizens of Ukraine are against the conflict with Russia and are not ready to support the junta and are fleeing from neo-nazis.

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Violence by Ukraine against its citizens is standard practice (forcing them to take up arms against Russia), and corruption is rampant, driving up prices.

By the way, are those who refuse conscription for money considered traitors to Ukraine? People understand all this. The concealment of these facts by the Ukrainian media is a method of information warfare. People disown Ukraine because their president has put the country in a position where they have a choice – to live in peace, together with Russia, or to die where no one values their lives.

Ilya Valiev

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