Estonian Dictatorship of Certain Ideas and Directives


At the end of last year, the editor-in-chief of the largest Estonian news portal Postimees Peeter Helme was caught abusing minors.

Despite attempts to justify himself, the paedophile was chased from the publication, and along with it the editorial office of the website, the owner of which is considered to be the “most influential person in Estonia”, fell apart.

The angry informational paedophile did not remain silent and started to denounce the “free and democratic press”, accusing his former publication, where he himself was the editor-in-chief, of being run by a “left-wing gang” (hmm, and he himself was a part of it?) that supervises uneducated people working for a penny. In fact, he flogged himself, since all this existed in the publication under his leadership and people whom he also took for work and edited worked there. Apparently, the issue of educating the subordinates of the “left-wing gang” did not concern him much until recently.

Ah, and yes – this wonderful character is the nephew of the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Government of Estonia Mart Helme.

Helme and his relatives from the government (two of them rolled into one) understand “left-wing gang” as neoliberals, tolerance pushers, homosexuals, etc – starry-eyed characters. At the same time, his relatives support the Blue Awakening movement, which organises ultra-right torch marches. In general, classic toad fucking a viper [a conflict between two parties that are both equally as repulsive to the observer – ed].

But Helma did not stop here and continued to expose the whole profession of an Estonian journalist. From his revelations it can be learned that the Estonian press lacks freedom of opinion and ideas, and instead there is a dictatorship of “certain ideas and attitudes”, which “strangle freedom of speech”.

He himself certainly does not consider himself to be a conductor of such a policy, although for a long time he worked in this system and until he was caught amusing himself with children, he worked there quite comfortably. This would seem like an “honest journalist”, but in fact, if you dig into his background, his own journalists accused him of preventing the release of “sharp materials” – under the excuse of caring about the “solidity of the publication”.

It’s simply a classic – working in a system of “certain ideas and directives”, he was satisfied with everything. When, by his own foolishness, he was caught out with minors and was expelled from his comfort place, this solid bourgeois dressed up as a truth-teller and started to expose his former colleagues, essentially describing himself.

Everything above is particularly beautiful in the light of the statements by Peeter Helme himself:

“The goal of the press is not independence in itself, but the ability to be a tool. A tool for the protection and development of ‘Estonianism’. Our language, consciousness, and culture. “

Now this screw in the tool for “development of Estonianism” took offence and tore away the covers from free and democratic Estonian “journalism”.

Colonel Cassad

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