“Eternal Ukrainian Knights” – Walk and Be Afraid…

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Arsen Pavlov, nicknamed “Motorola”, was murdered by Ukrainian terrorists. Killed, as is usual for “eternal knights” [What pro-Ukrainian militants call themselves – ed], meanly, stealthily. Because this cowardly scum always kill in the back or those who are unarmed.

Even in the Wild West there was a rule to not shoot an unarmed person. Because even cowboys – herding cows farmers – had the notion of honor.

The Ukrainian “eternal knights” have no notions of honor.

They can shoot the writer Oles Buzina in the back. They can attack a woman in front of her little daughter. They can mob pensioners (and after receiving a reply from them, to shamefully escape). They can shell residential quarters, because they are afraid to fight with an armed militia. And they can blow up the elevator in a residential building.

All, absolutely all exception, Nazi bastards who call themselves “eternal knights” are banal cowards. That is especially why those sieg-heiling degenerative who claimed responsibility for the murder of Motorola, as usual, hid their degenerative snouts behind masks.

Why doesn’t anyone from ours hide their faces? Why do our speak with open faces, starting with Gubarev or Samoylov, and ending with Mozgovoy and Pavlov? Because we are not cowards, and we know that truth is on our side.

All these warrior Nazi rats, hiding the ugly muzzles of Nazis behind masks, were afraid of Motorola until hysteria in open battle. That’s why they killed him in their rat’s way.

If you didn’t know, even a war has its own rules and conventions. You violated almost all of them. You were fighting with the elderly, women, and children, you use the entire arsenal of terrorist organizations. Which only proves that you are not “defenders” but criminals and terrorists who seized power in Ukraine by fraud and force.

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You kill also “yours” in the same rat’s way. You blew up in Kiev “your” Sheremet. Similarly, Banderists in the 40’s killed a bunch of other Banderists – formally because of “ideological disagreements”, but in reality because of a lone piece of lard. Skunks hidden in caches.

You, degenerates, can’t understand one thing until now: you, jackals, follow your alphas. And if your leaders are whacked, you disperse, as it was with the same Muzychko and his gang. But it’s not like that for us.

The death of any of us doesn’t change anything. We only become angrier and more motivated.

However, in the Russian language there is the saying “As the call, so the echo”.

So, walk and be afraid. And not only the direct perpetrators, but also all the miserable lackeys of Poroshenko’s regime. The rules are cancelled, borders also, you wanted it yourself. We already have your addresses for a long time (if I’m good for anything in this life, is to for collecting and processing information), as well as all other data.

If you, hidden sh*teaters, cr*p your pants in a fair fight, and are able to “fight” only by acts of terrorism, in this case walk looking over your shoulder. We also know how to play these games. My salutations to Ruger.

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