The EU Has Disproved the Ukrainian Lie About the Russian Army’s Invasion of Donbass

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


A big lie is a considerable hassle. Maintaining a lie requires gross efforts and remarkable costs because an ineradicable internal contradiction is inherent in it, which destroys it naturally. It is like a sand castle disintegrating, which must be constantly humidified and corrected so that it didn’t turn into a shapeless heap of dry grains of sand. And it is precisely for this reason that representatives of the Ukrainian authorities are forced to constantly alter the main postulates of their propaganda lie, all the time modernizing the previous lie.

First of all, it concerns the lie of the government in Kiev about the so-called “Russian military invasion to Ukraine”, which the strongest army on the continent, staffed by “heroes of the anti-terrorist operation”, allegedly heroically resists. About the “Russian terrorist army”, which “occupied some regions of Donbass”, day and night all Ukrainian means of media broadcast, decorating it with “true stories” about the feats of the people’s heroes and heroines. So-called Ukrainian “journalism” actually created a special artistic genre that presents invented, staged programmes with the participation of nonprofessional actors as educational “stories of simple people” taken from real life. It is in this way that Ukrainian agitprop educates “Glory to Ukraine, Glory to heroes” patriots.

And what is interesting is the fact that Ukrainian propagandists push forward a lie about the invasion of “horseback Buryat scuba divers” despite facts, common sense, and also periodic statements of officials of Ukraine and even western experts. In this case propaganda is built according to the Tertullian principle of “Credo quia absurdum” – I believe because it is absurd!

In the beginning of February, 2015, the former head of the NATO Military Committee and the former general inspector of the Bundeswehr, the retired German General Harald Kujat on air of the German TV channel ARD declared that the Russian regular army isn’t fighting in Donbass.

“We hear from different parties again and again that the Russian regular army is there. And the Ukrainian President repeats it quite often. I have no such information that authentically proves it. I want to bring to your attention to the fact that a Ukrainian General stated a couple of days ago that we aren’t at war with the regular army of Russia,” reported Harald Kujat, mentioning the statement of the Chief of the General Staff of Ukraine Viktor Muzhenko, made by him at the end of January, 2015, that “the Ukrainian Army isn’t engaged in combat operations against the regular Russian Army”.

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Then, Muzhenko in particular said: “so far we have only facts of participation of certain citizens of the Russian Federation and military personnel of the Russian Army who are members of illegal armed groups. I will also say that now the Ukrainian Army isn’t engaged in combat operations against the regular Russian Army”.

As can be seen, the German General spoke in the same vein, and when the host of the program reminded Kujat about the passports of the Russian military that were showed by Poroshenko, he answered: “these are the passports of separate Russian soldiers, but not passports of Russian army units. We must carefully distinguish the facts. Of course, there are Russian soldiers, and it’s not important how. Whether it is for vacation or any other methods. But if there was regular Russian troops, the conflict would be over in 48 hours. But what we hear is propaganda.”

But who now in Ukraine tries to carefully distinguish the facts? Who in Ukraine is now actually interested in the facts, being in a state of psychosis untwisted by the authorities? If it was said on Ukrainian TV that Ukraine was invaded by the “Russian terrorist army”, which “occupied a part of Donbass” and “enslaved Ukrainian citizens”, then that’s how it is! Especially as Poroshenko himself constantly talks about it! Because he is the main boss of Ukraine – the beacon of reason and honesty!

Why is this lie needed? Everything is quite simple – if there was no Russian invasion, then who are the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the so-called “volunteer battalions” used against? Against the Ukrainian people? If in Donbass there is no “horseback Buryat scuba divers” and terrifying Chechens of Kadyrov, then who does the Ukrainian military bomb, crush with tanks, and shell from heavy artillery?

The lies about the so-called “invasion of Russian terrorist forces” closes off the obvious truth that civil war is ongoing in Ukraine, and that the Ukrainian army, on the orders of the people who seized power in the country in 2014, kill not the invading Russian soldiers, but Ukrainian citizens.

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Recently, however, the horrifying story about “Russian aggression” began to crack along its horizontal plane. Both Ukrainian officials as well as their European counterparts recently stated about the fact that there is no invasion or occupation.

On 26 January, 2017, the Minister of Temporarily Occupied Territories Vadym Chernysh in an interview to “Ukrainian truth” said that under international law Donbass cannot be considered as occupied.

“Therefore, the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe and the Council of Europe as a whole are talking not about occupation, but about ‘effective control’. This means that the Russian side is a party to an armed conflict – not directly, but through effective control over those who are armed and have so-called authority,” explained Chernysh.

Regarding the absence of a Russian invasion and occupation of Ukrainian territory in Donbass, the head of EU delegation to Ukraine Hugues Mingarelli said in an interview with RBC-Ukraine.

“Some areas of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions are currently not under the control of the Ukrainian government, but they should not be considered as occupied or those that fall within the area of responsibility of the Russian Federation. This is the wrong approach,” he reported.

At this time Mingarelli stressed that “all citizens who live on both sides of the demarcation line should be considered as citizens of Ukraine. Also they should have the opportunity to enjoy all public and social services that Ukraine offers”.

But it is precisely the things that Ukrainian “Glory to Ukraine, Glory to heroes” patriots don’t at all want, who continue to lie about “invasion” and “occupation”, and who for a long time divided the citizens of Ukraine into “right” and “wrong”.

In particular, recently, the mayor of Lvov Andriy Sadovy, during the Congress of the party “Samopomich”, stated that “Ukraine should do everything possible to organize the evacuation from the occupied territories of all those who consider themselves as citizens of Ukraine. And then there won’t be this idiocy that we see today, those double and triple standards. The truth is that trading with the enemy is a betrayal of national interests”.

So it turns out that now there are, on the one hand, fanatics of the lie about the so-called “invasion of the Russian terrorist army” and “occupation of Donbass”, and on the other hand, EU and Ukrainian patriotic revisionists, who declare that there isn’t a “Russian invasion” or “occupation”, and that there are only Ukrainian citizens there, controlled by Moscow, who the Armed Forces of Ukraine are valiantly fighting against.

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In such a way, one of the fundamental postulates of the Ukrainian agitprop is now bursting at the seams and is falling apart, and its adherents are in turmoil, not knowing what is right and patriotic to believe.

Why is this happening? Because it is impossible to prove the existence of the non-existent. It is only possible to believe in it. “Credo quia absurdum!” “Glory to Ukraine, Glory to heroes” believers believe everything that is said on their “Glory to Ukraine, Glory to heroes” television – they don’t need facts or evidence. While people who are not inclined to fanaticism need facts and proof. But there isn’t any. That’s why, the creators of the idea of an “invasion of the Russian terrorist army, and the occupation of Donbass” begin to gradually lose faith in it. That is why the current Ukrainian government came to the UN international court not with charges of a military invasion and occupation, but with other fictions, such as support of terrorism and the violation of human rights by Russia. Kiev naively believes that if it’s impossible to prove the first invention, it’s quite possible to prove the second one. And it is precisely for this reason that the concept of Ukrainian agitprop sharply changed.

However, if one lie is replaced by another lie, it is unlikely that anything will substantially change. But the people who seized power in Ukraine continue to stubbornly sculpt the sand of their crumbling fantasies. They simply have no choice.

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