EU Integration: Ukrainian Deputy Oleg Musiy Slammed the Publication of a Vulgar Kindergarten Textbook

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


On April 6th the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Oleg Musiy expressed from the tribune of parliament his outrage at the new textbook for the development of children of a younger school age “A Frank Conversation About It”. At the Rada meeting the deputy showed a book, the contents of which, according to him, cripple children’s psyche.

“You know, the Euro aspirations of Ukrainians must have boundries. What started because of the activity of the Ministry of Education, in particular the Cabinet of Ministers? One and a half years ago ‘An action plan for the national strategy in the sphere of human rights until 2020’ was adopted. Some time ago, as a textbook to teach children of a younger school age in kindergartens, this book was published: ‘A Frank Conversation About IT’. How is our new Ministry of Education going to raise Ukrainian children in kindergartens and schools? The first thing that they will speak about is that there are different ways of expressing sexuality,” said the deputy.

Then he cited a paragraph of this book:

“Not all people have the same feeling of passion. Most boys like girls, but there are also ones who like boys. There are girls who like girls. There are homosexual couples that consist of a boy and a boy, or a girl and a girl. When someone feels sexually attracted to another person of the same sex – it is called homosexual inclination.

The man has an erection, and the woman feels moisture in her groin. After a while the man put his penis into the girl’s vagina. All of this is followed by pleasant feelings for both partners. Such a process leads to an ejaculation, during which millions of spermatozoa appear in the woman’s vagina”.

Musiy showed the corresponding illustrations in the book from the tribune.

“The textbook is for kindergarten children. Now I appeal to the Minister of Education. Who gave permission for the distribution of this book with beautiful drawings for children in our educational institutions? I appeal to the SBU: it is necessary to conduct an investigation, there are articles of the Criminal Code: 301, 151, 152, and 153. Please, if such things cause shock in People’s Deputies, just imagine how undeveloped children can apprehend all of this,” concluded the people’s deputy.

[In this video Oleg Musiy, during an interview, shows the book and its vulgar contents more clearly]

And here is a PDF version of the vile book:

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