The EU Will Define How Ukraine Should Use Its Underground Gas Storages

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Ukrainian and European experts started the implementation of the project of the comprehensive studying of the Ukrainian underground gas storages with the assistance of a consortium, which includes the French operator UGS Storengy and the international law firm CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang.

“The project is financed by the European Union and aims to develop a sustainable economic approach to the use of the Ukrainian underground gas storages in the context of the European and Ukrainian energy markets. Naftogaz will participate in the work of guiding the committee of the project together with other interested parties, including representatives of the government of Ukraine,” it is said in the statement of Naftogaz.

Experts will carry out the analysis of the primary data, and after visiting the storages will offer a technical evaluation. Lawyers will establish how the legislative base of Ukraine corresponds to the Third energy package and other European norms and will also develop drafts of laws, regulations, and decisions in the energy field.

“On the basis of the results received, several strategic scenarios of the optimum use of Ukrainian underground gas storages will be developed. The team of the project will analyse what of the available gas storages is necessary for the effective operation of the gas transmission system of Ukraine,” it is said in the statement.

Earlier, representatives of the Ukrainian energy company expressed their readiness to provide access to western operators to the gas transmission system of Ukraine in exchange for the refusal to construct the second gas pipeline of Nord Stream, which will allow to completely refuse the transit of Russian gas across the territory of Ukraine.

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If the complete hijacking of Ukrainian “statehood” by the Anglo-Saxon empire wasn’t already obvious, then this looting of gas reserves should help to make things more clear. The monetary supply in Ukraine was already hijacked – by the IMF, the food supply, land, and means of production – by Germany, the military – by the US, and now the gas supply – by France on behalf of Merkel. It is likely that plans are being established by the White House on how to also control the oxygen supply. Why all of this is happening can be read here.

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