Euromaidan Promoter Admitted that Ukraine is Going to Explode

Translated by Ollie Richardson



The propagandist of Euromaidan, who urged to kill Russian journalists, Ukrainian political scientist Yury Romanenko recognized — the vast majority of residents of the country speak about a deterioration of the situation in Ukraine, and 40% consider a social explosion to be inevitable.

Such results from the sociological survey conducted by the Stratagema center were sounded by Romanenko on the air of “UkrLife”.

“Our poll showed that 62% of Ukrainians estimate that for half the year the economic situation has worsened even more, 52% say that it has worsened in political terms, 58% say that they have no possibility to endure any reforms, yet 20% say that they have resources leftover from the year. The number of those who consider that a social explosion is inevitable in the country reached 40% — this quantity increased twice in comparison with May of 2016,” he said.

Earlier, criminal cases were opened against Yury Romanenko by the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation under part 4 article 33, part 2 article 105, and part 1 article 282 of the criminal code of the Russian Federation for appeals to kill.

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